April 2, 2018

Business trips entail travelling long hours and having a jammed packed day of back-to-back meetings. You need to be able to get things done in a limited amount of time. Apart from your presentations and pitches, you need to ensure you look the part too.

Here are the business travel essentials for men that need to be by your side on every business trip. These items will help you nail that professional look when time isn’t on your side.

Shirt_8 Business Trip Essentials

 Shirts – It goes without saying that formal shirts for men are a must-have item on a business trips. Go for a one that is made of wrinkle-free material so that you don’t need to bother about it once it’s neatly packed in your bag. A light-coloured shirt is ideal for a business meeting, think – pastel blue. You could pack a tie too incase an occasion arises where you need to take the formal look a notch higher.

Trouser_8 Business Trip Essentials

Trousers – Well cut trousers are a must on your business trip to stay both comfortable and look the part of a professional. Opt for a pair of straight cut formal trousers that will give your attire an understated charm. Make sure that it fits you well as you don’t want to have an unkempt look at a professional gathering. A pair of black or navy blue trousers is your best bet as this piece of formals for men can be teamed up with any crisp shirt.

Blazer_8 Business Trip Essentials

Blazer – A blazer is the go-to piece of clothing when you want to get that dapper, professional look in seconds. If a situation arises where you need to suit up, the blazer comes to your rescue. Make sure it fits well and complements the rest of the colours in your ensemble. Ideally, pack one in a neutral tone, which can be teamed up with most shirts and trousers.

Shoes_8 Business Trip Essentials

Shoes – Shoes can either make or break your reputation, we all know that. But, on a business trip, it’s even more crucial. A well polished pair is a must for a business meeting. You could opt for a pair of slip on formal shoes for men if you want to avoid having to deal with unintended shoe lace issues. Black and tan are the classic options to look to.

Belt_8 Business Trip Essentials

5. Belt – Belts help keep your trousers well fitted and anyone will swear by this indispensable travel accessory for men. Go for a simple leather one as you don’t want the belt to steal the show while you pitch your business plans. A black or brown leather belt is the best option as it can go well with almost any ensemble.

Skincare Essentials_8 Business Trip Essentials

Skincare Essentials – With your running around trying to keep everything on schedule, your face will be exposed to the pollution, heat, and dust around you. Which is why you mustn’t ignore the basic skincare rules – cleanse, moisturize, and protect. Always keep a face wash handy as you need to look fresh at your business meetings. If moisturizing seems like a hassle, just stick to a good sunscreen that has emollient properties and you’ll be ready to conquer the day!

Shaving Kit_8 Business Trip Essentials

Shaving Kit – You can’t help it when stubble surprises you on the day of your big meeting. You won’t have time to carry out your normal shaving ritual, so why not go in for the latest tools in men’s grooming? An electric shaver is a must-have travel accessory for men to help you get that clean shaven look at short notice. And always – have that nourishing, aftershave handy!

Deodorant_8 Business Trip Essentials

 Deodorant – The minute you enter a room, you want to make a good impression by being a breath of fresh air. Make sure your fragrance is on point as you don’t want to be a head turner for the wrong reasons. Go in for a long lasting deodorant that makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. And please, don’t overdo it!

Now that you know the travel essentials for a business trip, it’s time you nailed that sleek business look. Once that’s done, there is nothing stopping you from captivating them with your brilliant business plans! Start shopping now and get these items ticked off your business travel checklist!

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