A to Z Footwear Styles
July 19, 2019

Do you own an enviable collection of shoes that your friends covet? Do you prefer shopping for shoes over clothes? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you’re probably a shoe enthusiast!

However, to call yourself a shoe connoisseur, you need to know all the different footwear types. Each type of shoe has a story and legacy behind it, and that’s what makes it so special! Footwear is not just a style statement, but it is also a reflection of changing cultures and history. The world of footwear has grown far and wide, and now there are multiple styles available in the market. Here’s our edit of all the popular shoe styles that you must own.

Ankle Boots


These are boots that only reach till the ankle. It is a staple winter wear in most countries; however, it can also be teamed with casual and dressy outfits. Ankle boots come in varying heights, including high heels. You can wear them with shorts, skirts, skinny fit jeans or even baggy trousers.



Also known as ballet flats, this type of footwear was inspired by women’s soft ballet shoes. Such shoes are closed and cover the toes. They come in solid colours as well as in Indian patterns. They look great with ethnic outfits such as dhoti pants, long skirts, palazzos and kurtis. Ballet flats also go well with most western wear such as jeans, shorts, dresses, pants and skirts.



This footwear is made of foam resin called Croslite that moulds itself to the feet. It is extremely comfortable and can be worn by children and adults. They come in a range of colours and are suitable for all weather conditions, especially during rain as they dry quickly. They are easy to wear as you can just slip your feet into them. They have perforations on the top to air the feet. Crocs look great with summer dresses and capris. Men can wear them with shorts or even track pants.

Deck Shoes


These shoes were mainly designed for usage on the boat. They are made of canvas and have rubber soles that provide grip on the wet and slippery deck. These shoes need to be worn without socks. Deck shoes are mostly teamed with pants and shorts and are perfect for a casual vacation vibe!



Espadrilles originated in the 14th century and are casual flat shoes made of cotton fabric, coloured canvas or synthetic fibres. The sole is flexible and made of rope. With the evolution in fashion, espadrilles are now available as platform heels and wedges. Some of them also have laces that can be tied around the ankle. Women can wear espadrilles with summer dresses and skirts.



It is a humble piece of footwear that gets its name from the sound it makes when used for walking. They are flat with a Y shaped strap that passes through the toes. The sole is flexible, making it comfortable for walking. It is easy to wear as it can be slipped into the feet. They are multifunctional- you can wear flip-flops at home, on the beach with shorts or with a breezy summer dress.

Golf Shoes


Golf shoes prevent the feet of golfers from sliding when they take a position for the next stroke. These shoes have a rigid base that provides support to the ankle while playing. They also have metal spikes on the sole.

High Heels


While high heels were originally made for men, it is women who wear them now! It provides extra height by raising the heel of the wearer and makes the legs look slimmer and longer. High heels look great with gowns, dresses, formal wear and skirts.

Ice Skates


Ice skates are boots with blades at the bottom. The blades are meant to help the person to skate over ice. Such footwear is worn during ice skating, ice hockey, figure skating and speed skating.

Jelly Shoes


Jelly shoes or sandals are made with PVC plastic. They come in a range of vibrant colours and translucent soft plastic. It is a popular eco-friendly option and is usually worn by kids.



These are soft boots made of reindeer skin and mostly worn by the aboriginal people in the Arctic region. Kamiks are lightweight to help hunters walk long distances. They are lined with fur to keep the feet warm. They are typically embellished with beads and pompoms.



They are also known as slip-on shoes and typically don’t have any lace to tie them up. They have low heels and can be worn for a variety of occasions and outfits. Loafers look smart when worn with formal and semi-formal pants and can be worn by both men and women.



These are made of deerskin or any kind of soft leather. They have a cushioned sole and were decorated with beads and other motives. Now, however, they look more like modern slip-on shoes. They are flexible and suitable for most weather conditions and can be worn outdoors. They look classy when worn with skirts, pants and dresses.

Open-Toed Shoes


These are shoes that have an opening near the toes and are also called peep-toe shoes. While the rest of the shoe is enclosed, the opening in the front shows the entire toe line. It is best suited for casual outfits such as skirts, dresses and jeans.

Platform Shoe


These are fashionable footwear with heels that provide considerable height to the wearer. Unlike stilettos or spike heels, platform shoes are comfortable and can be worn for longer duration at ease as they provide proper support to your feet. They look great with casual wear such as breezy dresses.

Running Shoes


Everyone needs to own a pair of running shoes! This footwear is specially designed for running and vigorous exercise. They offer stability and support to the body while running and walking. Such shoes are durable and provide cushioning on the inside to support the feet and ankles. Running shoes have now become a part of casual wear and can be worn with jeans and shorts for men. Women can wear them with dresses for a tomboyish look.



Sandals are open footwear and are perfect for summer and those who tend to have sweaty feet. They have straps to keep the feet in place. Such footwear can be worn outdoors with casual and outfits such as shorts and are best for use during the summer.

Tap Shoes


Shoes worn during tap dancing are called tap shoes. They have a metal strip at the bottom of the shoes, under the heel and at the toe that produces a sound while tapping. Different types of taps produce different types of sounds. Tap shoes look elegant with formal when worn with suspenders and a waistcoat.

Ugg Boots


Ugg boots are made of sheepskin on the inside with a tanned outer surface and a synthetic sole. Their purpose is to protect the feet from cold. Ugg boots can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses and are practical during winters.



Valenki is a traditional Russian winter footwear. It’s primarily used to keep the feet warm. They are not water-resistant but are sometimes worn with leather on the sole to protect the felt.

Wingtip Shoes


These shoes have a piece of leather that runs from the toe cap in the centre and spreads outwards to the sides of the shoe, resembling the shape of wings. There are small holes around the edges in some shoes that form distinct designs. Wingtip shoes look great with formal and semi-formal wear.



Zōri are traditional Japanese-style footwear with a thong that is usually made of straw, cotton, leather or rubber that resembles flip-flops. It looks great for ethnic wear and casual wear.

Now that your eyes have been opened to all the different kinds of footwear from A to Z, it’s time to go shopping and update your footwear collection. You can select from a range of shoes from Shoppers Stop online or visit their retail store.

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