November 28, 2016

A home DIY is a very enriching experience. It encourages the hidden artist in you to pour out its creative side and the end result is truly satisfying. It is often said that lighting intensity plays a key role in determining your mood. So, what DIY hack are we sharing to pep up our mood today?

DIY Wine Bottle Lamp


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Sounds some big and crazy thing to do? Relax! This is the simplest and the coolest way to not just light up your house but to use up some empty wine bottles occupying valuable space in your kitchen or store. Simple take some clean and dry bottles and get a hole drilled in the bottom. A local carpenter will do that for you. Fill them with a line of commonly available small bulbs (the one that is used to decorate homes, shops, etc.). Plug the stopper. The best place to keep them is, ‘away from children’.

DIY Stencil Lamp


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This one is a little hard work, but trust us, the end result is jaw dropping. The DIY hack best works as a fresh cover for your old lamp shade. Cover your old lamp shade using a black chart paper and trim the excess paper. Now draw a figure of your choice on the paper. It could be an animal, some skyscrapers or some text will also do. Using a pin, start digging holes on the outline of your drawing. You can also show some star and a moon with concentrated holes. Finally cover the old lamp with this paper and switch on the lights to see the magic.

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Plastic spoon lamp


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Plastic!!! The dreaded word! Wouldn’t it be great if we could use this non-biodegradable product as a great lighting hack? Perhaps that would make us feel less guilty besides the fact that it is also a great craft activity with kids. Collect all the disposable plastic spoons. We will only need the bowl part of the spoon so cut the stem off. Now stick them neatly on a large plastic water jug. Hand this in your balcony or your study. You can also color the spoons to add a special touch.

The Balloon Lamp


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Balloon? A lamp? Will it not burst with the constant heat? Phew!!! So many questions. Relax dear. A balloon will only be used to give the lamp a shape. This is again a great weekend activity. Blow a balloon and secure it tightly. Now spread glue liberally on the balloon and start sticking your favorite left over laces and thin fancy fabrics. Let it dry overnight. Now burst the balloon and cut a small hole to fit in the lights. This DIY hack cannot get any simpler.

These are just a few DIY ideas to enjoy as you light up your home. The right lighting and lighting fixtures can indeed make all the difference to the atmosphere!

Do you enjoy playing with home decor and lighting? What’s your favorite decor hack?

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