January 5, 2018

No ensemble is complete without a spritz of soothing fragrance. Today, with the range of fragrances available, there’s nothing more appreciated than getting the balance right with a perfume that perfectly complements the day or night.

Sounds confusing? Let us help you delve into the world of fragrances to understand how to choose a perfume for a date night or that light afternoon brunch.

 Oriental Perfumes

Oriental Perfumes_Choosing A Perfume For Day Or Night

Oriental fragrances are prized for their timeless charm and striking resemblance to the old, forgotten world of perfume trade. They carry the strong and soothing aroma of musk, cinnamon, amber and spices, which make them most suitable as evening perfumes worn alongside classic outfits.

 Woody Perfumes

Woody Perfumes_Choosing A Perfume For Day Or Night

With an electric mix of amber, moss, cedar, pine and sandalwood, woody perfumes envelop both freshness and warmth. They are a soothing pick for the harsh winter months. The intense woody notes bring forth an element of mystery, making them ideal perfumes for evening wear.

 Fruity and Floral Perfumes

Fruity and Floral Perfumes_Choosing A Perfume For Day Or Night

Remember the fresh and vivid scent of ripe tropical fruits and orchard flowers on your beach vacation? These vibrant notes are captured and sealed in flacons to embody the quintessential summer-time, floral and fruity essence perfect for daytime wear. 

Fresh Perfumes

Fresh Perfumes_Choosing A Perfume For Day Or Night

By all means, ‘fresh’ refers to the obvious definition here. These perfumes bear an invigorating nautical vibe. Notes like seawater, cucumber and cologne generally sum up the formulation, to give you that distinct after-bath freshness. Their lasting power and light breezy aura make them a great pick if you’re looking for an all-day perfume.

 Sugary Essences

Sugary Essences_Choosing A Perfume For Day Or Night

Think of the sweet aroma of chocolate, candies, vanilla, caramel and jaggery. Perfumes featuring these notes exude a fun, often sensual vibe. They can be worn as daytime perfumes owing to their cheery notes that vibrate with energy.

With this guide to AM-PM fragrances, you’ll smell great each time you step out. But if you still need to upgrade your perfume collection, look no further than Shopper’s Stop to prepare for an olfactory treat!

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