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Backpacking Travel Essentials

June 5, 2019

For some, travelling means taking some time off from their busy lives to look for solace in nature and some introspection; for others, it is a hobby. Whichever group you belong to, travelling does offer some respite from the daily grind.

However, when planning a trip, you need to carry some backpacking travel essentials. Without them, you might be left in a lurch during an emergency. So, whether backpacking or hiking essentials, plan in advance and pack right. Here is a list of things that you need to tick off on your list of backpacking travel essentials.

Travel Backpack


travel backpack is among the most important backpacking travel essentials. A backpack with enough compartments is a good option since it can help you keep important things handy.

It must also be waterproof so that your backpacking travel essentials are not drenched in water if caught in the rain or wading through water while on a trek.

A lightweight and spacious bag with several compartments will serve you well. You can also get a backpack cover to protect it from unprecedented showers during your travel. For men, the backpack must be a bigger one since they need to accommodate travel essentials for men that include shoes, items for camping, angling accessories etc.

Backpacks for women must be designed such that they are comfortable, have a hip-belt, and are also available in various colours. A backpack with a hip-belt is one of the major travel essentials for women.

Waist Pouch


waist pouch is a convenient and wearable bag to store things you need to keep handy. You can keep your mobile phone, headset, Bluetooth device, keys, card, and even passport in the pouch.

It is indeed among those travel essentials for men as well as women that must be selected very carefully. It is necessary to keep your valuables safe as well as easily accessible. It needs to be made of good waterproof material and must cling to your waist comfortably.

If you are a trekking enthusiast, a waist pouch becomes one of the most important hiking essentials for both men and women.



It is always a wise idea to carry a good windcheater in your backpack. A good windcheater helps when it rains. It is a lighter and easier option to carry as compared to an umbrella or raincoat. It can even serve as protection against mild cold conditions.

So, pick a comfortable and durable windcheater and include it in your list of backpacking travel essentials, especially when there is a lingering chance of an unpredictable shower.

Weather-Proof Shoes


Proper shoes are the most important of all travel essentials for women as well as travel essentials for men. You’ll need comfortable and durable shoes when you are setting off for treks in rough terrains, in particular. It is essential if you enjoy hikes and treks to choose proper shoes as part of all the hiking essentials you pack.

Weather-proof shoes are important for everybody since they help you hike comfortably without worrying about the weather conditions or terrain. Let’s quickly take a look at what should be the qualities of a pair of good weather-proof shoes that should be a part of travel essentials for men and women.

Firstly, it must be an all-terrain shoe. Secondly, it must have a solid grip to avoid slipping and be waterproof. Ensure your shoes are also comfortable because, on long treks, you do not want to end up with sore feet. Shoes that are an important part of hiking essentials must help your feet stay dry and be ventilated.

A good pair of shoes will prevent the formation of sores and blisters, especially while trudging through moist grass and puddles. Shoes made from rubber or synthetic materials are the most popular hiking essentials since they are resistant to water.

Synthetic Clothing


A set of synthetic fabric clothing can help you in many ways, irrespective of the place you are visiting, and are important backpacking travel essentials. Synthetic garments are made from a range of fabrics such as nylon, rayon, and spandex. These are breathable fabrics, light in weight, and dry faster than cotton or denim.

You might sweat a lot while hiking and synthetic clothing can help you stay comfortable. Even if you are travelling in humid conditions, such clothing can save you by absorbing the moisture. It is among the most important travel essentials for women and men.

Toiletry Pouch


pouch to keep toiletries like sanitisers, microfiber towels, a first-aid kit or even a mirror can be handy. Experienced hikers often suggest a toiletry pouch as part of travel essentials for women as well as men.

Things like sanitisers, microfiber towels, first-aid kit etc. are convenient in emergencies and must be at the top of your list of backpacking travel essentials. As much as you wouldn’t want to encounter any unfortunate accidents on your trip, it is always advisable to have an updated first-aid kit while travelling.

A sanitiser, gauze, painkillers, a microfiber towel and even a mirror are all vital part of hiking essentials.

Travel Wash Bag


A travel wash bag is one of the major travel essentials for men as well as women. Wearing soiled clothes can make you ill and keeping them along with other clean clothes will spoil them. So, keep a travel wash bag handy always and include it in your list of backpacking travel essentials.

Mosquito Repellent


This is often overlooked, but a good mosquito repellent must always be a part of travel essentials for women and men. To keep mosquitoes and annoying bugs and insects at bay, you need an effective mosquito repellent.

Portable Power Bank


A portable power bank is a convenient tool for hikers. You do not want your electronic devices to run out of juice when travelling. On long treks, especially, a fully charged power bank forms a critical part of hiking essentials to carry. You never know when you might need your phone to get in touch with somebody or navigate your way through unfamiliar routes.

If you are hiking through rough terrains or forests, you will need a battery bank to stay connected. You are very unlikely to find a charging point in such situations. So, include a power bank in your list of backpacking travel essentials and make sure to store it safely in a protected compartment of your bag.

Comfortable Walking Sandals


While you may be carrying a pair or two of your favourite hiking shoes, windcheaters and synthetic garments, you also need something to stay comfortable in while resting or enjoying a leisurely stroll. A pair of airy walking sandals is an important item to include in the list of travel essentials for women and men.

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