Step Out In Style With These Handbags
December 9, 2019

Handbags are an important accessory in every woman’s wardrobe- not just because they’re stylish, but also because they help women carry everything they need! While one feature all bags share in functionality, they vary in usage, looks and even type of occasions that they are apt for. Here’s our edit of the seven basic types of bags you must own: 

Classic Tote 

Step Out In Style With These Handbags

Tote bags are one of the most instantly recognisable bags, and every girl is sure to have at least one of these Tote bags in her collection. The tote bag comes with multiple compartments and is every working girl’s best friend because of the sheer number of items it can carry. While the tote bags are working essential, they are versatile and would also look great for a shopping trip or a girls’ day out.

Hobo Bags

Step Out In Style With These Handbags

Hobo bags are a more casual version of the spacious tote bags, characterised by the way the Hobo bags seem to slouch when they are carried. Due to the unstructured appearance of Hobo bags, they might be best for informal occasions, especially while shopping. 

Sling bags 

Step Out In Style With These Handbags

Highly trendy, sling bags are amazingly comfortable and adaptable. These sling bags come with two handles on the body of the bag as well as a longer strap that can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body. Sling bags are a smaller version of the regular handbag and add an elegant touch to any outfit.


Step Out In Style With These Handbags

A clutch bag is a small, handheld bag that is best to hold your essentials. While day clutch bags are relatively larger and are perfect for a lunch date, evening clutch bags are meant to be smaller and glitzier; perfect for after-work events and parties. 


Step Out In Style With These Handbags

Satchel are structured bags which usually have a flat bottom and a rectangular body, with two rigid handles. Satchels come in a variety of sizes, so if you buy one large enough, you might be able to fit a handbag in them!


Step Out In Style With These Handbags

While backpacks are mostly used by college students, it has also become popular with the younger generation of office-goers for the style and comfort they offer. Since the two straps are balanced on the shoulders, it also reduces the stress on them. They’re perfect for holding multiple small items such as a purse, water bottle and your makeup.

Cloth Bag

Step Out In Style With These Handbags

This is the most casual and basic type of bag that any woman should own. To start with, made of cloth, they are highly sustainable. Secondly, you can use them while going for shopping, or a lunch date with friends or even to college. Easy, comfortable and stylish, cloth bags are easy on the eye and the pocket! They come in a variety of prints and go really well with ethnic clothes.

If you’re looking for the right occasion to carry different bags, we recommend you read our blog on getting the right bag for every occasion. To shop for all these different bags, just visit Shoppers Stop online or the offline store to get the best and latest in fashion, always!

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