September 20, 2016

Curtains probably are the most prominent features of any room. They set the tone and atmosphere of an entire room and a lot of it depends on how much light it can reflect.

You need to take into account the amount of light and colour composition of the rest of the room, to decide on the appropriate curtain for your window or door. Here are a few eye-pleasing examples of curtain designs that could help you finish that redecorating work.

Window Curtain

From Left : Jacquard Curtain | Floral Curtain
A 100% polyester made curtain should be easy to maintain. You could also find a varied range of colour combination in this case.

Jacquard window curtain: This type of curtain with a floral print works great in most of the cases. Here, you could get a tailored product as per your preference.

A soft trendy print pattern is the most attractive feature of these curtains. Let these spruce up your space and be a reflection of your personality.

Window Curtain

Striped Curtains – Set of Two
You could go for a two window curtain set made from a fine quality cotton. Like the polyester fabric, it is easy to maintain and quite versatile in terms of colour reflections.

Thick & Thin Stripe window curtain: This type of curtain could offer you a stylish stripe vertical pattern. You would have to find the right colour that would look good with whatever shade your room currently has.

Set of 2 pattern: On the other hand, the set of two pattern should provide a well-defined contrast between different colours. The two portions could have different patterns as well, to really emphasise on the dissimilarity.

Single Piece Curtain

Swayam Single Premium Eyelet Curtain
A single piece curtain made from a good quality cotton, is a great choice, especially, if you are going for a complete overhaul. You could get a door and window curtains set that effectively decides the nature of the entire house.

Eyelet window curtain of solid pattern: This would be another great choice. With a print detailing its top, the only thing you need here is a fine finish.

Solid eyelet curtain for long doors: A solid eyelet curtain also comes in the form of numerous versions made for long doors. You would find more variety for the topmost print with a beautiful contrasting solid pattern for the rest.

Solid eyelet curtain with floral pattern: On the other hand, get a long door eyelet curtain with a complete floral pattern. A good finish is essential here, as you may choose from diverse floral patterns and colours that suits your plans. Long door eyelet curtains are often available in a variety of assorted colours with innovative pattern designs.

If you are trying to upgrade the entire interior design of a house or simply making minor changes in a room, you could always assess your options. Online shopping is the fertile ground for such options, so you could find your choice without any hassle.

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