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Beauty Hacks For Youthful Skin

August 12, 2016

The search for the fountain of youth has been on for ages. While no one has found it yet, it hasn’t stopped us from discovering the benefits of natural ingredients on our skin. Many plants have herbal properties that have health benefits, nature has also provided us with ample resources to keep our skin healthy and glowing.


Here are a few natural treatments you can do at home.

A natural, easy and effective enzyme peel will provide your skin with a much required reboot. What better ingredients for this peel than papaya and pumpkin?

Mix together 35ml of pumpkin puree, equal quantity of grated papaya and 1 egg. Blend till a smooth paste and apply immediately, discarding the rest. Avoid sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. Leave for 8-10 minutes (till the tingling stops). Wipe off the mask using a cold wet cloth. Do not use the peel more than once a month.

Apart from this enzyme peel, the aged skin may require other masks. With age, our skin becomes dull and dark. Using a brightening and lightening mask could bring back the liveliness. An egg mask is excellent for tightening the wrinkles and fine lines. For keeping the skin soft and supple, avocado and honey would be effective.

Tip : This hydrating face mask from Anatomicals works wonders on dry skin.

If natural DIY is not your thing, there are plenty of medicated skincare products available in the market, try them out.

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when thinking about skincare,

If you are a person to doll up, correct highlight and contour methods could work wonders. Wannabe 50 and fabulous? Some simple tricks are all you require. If you have mature skin, you can easily achieve glowing, youthful day look with makeup.

Take good care of your skin ladies…!!


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