December 19, 2018

Do you remember spending hours around a table, trying to beat your friends at Monopoly? We know you’re getting nostalgic reading this already! With the party season just around the corner and decorations are in full swing, don’t forget to include board games for adults in your house party essentials list.

Board games for adults hold a great deal of significance as they bring oodles of laughter and fun to the party. Let us relive our childhood and liven up the party with these fun games for adults.

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Pictionary is a simple game that involves a whiteboard and marker, although, there are a set of rules involved. There are two teams and a sand timer which allows equal time to every team.

It’s a game where a team player will illustrate a picture for this team to figure out the right word. This board game for adults is a great way to put your creativity to use and also display it to your family and friends.

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One of the best party games loved by the young and old, Jenga is played with rectangular wooden blocks. It’s all about how well you use your judgement to help the wooden blocks balance, one on top of the other. One wrong move is all it takes for the whole pile to come crashing down. It all happens in such a hurry that you won’t even realise. This is why the game keeps you alert at all times.

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Dubbed as the most iconic board games of all times, Monopoly is just the game you need for holiday nights with your family. This 20th-century American board game is loved by the young and old alike, worldwide!

This party games for adults involves throw of dice, that helps the players get ahead in the game. As the game advances, you will find yourself in a property gamble, while one bad mood can land you in jail! The game takes a while to end, so stack up on snacks in case you get hungry midway.

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Loads of learning, backed by immense fun can perfectly describe the game of Scrabble. This word game dominated our childhood and taught us how to play with words in a fun way.

This intellectual board game involves the use of letter tiles that are arranged in a crossword manner.  Every player is allotted a set number of tiles that they must complete in order to win the game.

The player that manages to make the most words out of his lettered tiles wins the game. Not only is it a fun holiday board game for adults, but it can also help you learn a thing or two.

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 If you’re looking for an evening filled with roars of laughter, Speak Out must be your choice of board games for adults. This party game can be played by your entire family.

It comes with mouthpieces and while you’re wearing the mouthpiece, you will be asked to speak out a few phrases that will be the highlight of this game.

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A lot has changed since the time puzzles were first introduced to us. We now have something called the ‘3D’ puzzle. Each puzzle has a ranking on the difficulty meter, so you can pick the one you would like to excel.

If that’s not all, it also makes for a brilliant showpiece that you can flaunt. So, spend some time with your friends and family and try solving a 3D puzzle this holiday season!

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Thinking of a getogether or night out at home with your friends and family, it’s time you stack up on these board games for adults and show them how a party is done right.

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