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Autumn Winter Colour Trends 2018-2019

Come autumn and we begin to see a pleasant change in our surrounding. We are welcomed by the exotic dried leaves in shades of red and yellow, while the cool breeze at dusk makes us appreciate the blue starry skies.

With the change in season, changes the spectrum of shades that come with it. Autumn-winter fashion too is typically inspired by the colours and surroundings during this season. A selection of both cool and warm tones make up the autumn-winter colour palette. From deep navy to warmer shades of ochre, find out autumn winter colour trends 2018-2019 that need to be in your collection.


Cool Colours


Sailor Blue_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Sailor Blue – A rich blue-green hue channelling the vibes of a luscious scenic forest. It’s ‘the’ relaxing colour for a cool autumn’s day.

Navy Blue_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Navy Blue – A bold yet elegant shade that exudes an aura of fearlessness. The colour remains a timeless addition to the autumn-winter colour spectrum.

Spruce_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Spruce – Gorgeous green with subtle blue undertones best define the colour spruce. An autumn-winter fashion classic, it’s the colour that can ‘spruce’ up your day!

Olive_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Olive – An earthy colour with a calming effect; it is perfect for the relaxing season of autumn and winter. Olive colour reflects sophistication and comes with a timeless appeal.



Warm Colours


Rust_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Rust – Rust is a vision of pure earthy goodness, rich and vibrant in character. It reverberates with warmth and resembles the striking colour of autumn leaves.

Rose_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Rose – The beautiful rose colour is soft and soothing, reflecting the tranquillity of the season. It exudes a light and airy feel, much like the gentle breeze on an autumn day.

Ochre_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Ochre – Ochre remains amongst autumn winter colour trends 2018-2019’s brightest shade, featuring exotic undertones. The subtle shade from the yellow family perfectly interlinks with autumn’s mellow mood without being too overwhelming.

Berry_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Berry – The luxurious berry shade speaks the language of elegance and regality. The richness and depth of the shade can make any and every fashion piece glamorous.

Red_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Red – Fun and bold best describes the bright shade of red. Like its warm counterpart, ochre, this autumn colour bursts with vivacity and depth. It’s one of the few bold colours that can hold its own, creating a bold autumn-winter look!



Mix Them Up


Navy And Ochre_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Navy And Ochre – If you’re ever stuck in a style rut, reach out for the basic navy blue top from your wardrobe and pair it with a striking ochre skirt or a pair of trousers for just the right hint of brightness. While this combination is pleasant to look at on its own, you might want to add a pair of sneakers in a neutral shade beneath to keep the outfit tied together. You can choose to keep the accessories to a minimum and instead fall back on a chic bag to do the talking!

Rose And Olive_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Rose And Olive – While the softness of rose tones and the richness of olive can make you reminisce a floral garden, these tones can actually create the perfect autumn-winter look too! The union of these two shades can be used to achieve an impressive casual look, think – a snug sweater in a soft pink shade and earthy olive pants to go with it. You can extend the colour combination to your accessories by choosing dangler earrings in similar shades.

Spruce And Rust_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Spruce And Rust – This genius colour-blocked combination keeps us closer to nature with its earthy and leafy tones. Both these shades happen to drift towards the sombre spectrum of the colour wheel, perfectly attuned to autumn. Get this look by pairing a knit sweater in a spruce and a midi skirt in a burnt rusty tone. To make your outfit stand out, opt for an accessory or a pair of boots in a brighter shade of rust.

Berry And Sailor Blue_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Berry And Sailor Blue – Shades of sailor blue and berry are at the heart of the autumn-winter colour palette, but the beauty of their marriage happened to surprise us all! Although this cool-warm combination can seem overpowering at first, but when styled right, there’s no match for its elegance and sophistication. To get this autumn-winter look right, try a blazer or shrug in a deep shade of berry and trousers in a sailor blue tone, which tops the autumn winter colour trends for 2018-2019. To break up the overpowering nature of the two colours, add a solid piece, preferably a white shirt or tee.

Navy And Red_Fall-Winter Colour Trends

Navy And Red – A cult favourite, this combination is perfect for brightening up a dull autumn day. The sharpness of the red can be toned down with the subtleness of the navy blue. Styling ideas include teaming a pair of wide-legged pants in rich red with a dark navy blue top. Add geometric accessories like a slick rectangular clutch or a structured box clutch to ace the autumn fashion look.

Give your wardrobe a new lease of life with these beautiful autumn winter colour trends for 2018-2019. Get all the shades in the latest collections by shopping online.

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