February 27, 2018

Milestone events signify the accomplishment of a major life event. It could be anything from anniversaries, birthdays, graduation to retirement. Giving a milestone gift is a great way to express the joy you feel for the person and how proud you are of their achievement, because why not?
Here are a few milestone gift ideas that you can use to surprise the special ones in your life.

21st Birthday

21st Birthday_Gifting Ideas For Milestone Events
Every birthday is special, but the 21st birthday is considered one the most celebratory birthdays, marking our official entry into adulthood. If you’re looking for milestone birthday gift ideas for a 21st birthday party, consider gifting a pair of their favourite shoes. It’ll solve their footwear woes and they will have a brand new pair to flaunt! Young adults love shoes and your gift is sure to find a special place in their wardrobe.

30th Birthday
30th Birthday_Gifting Ideas For Milestone Events
Birthdays at 30 are not as exciting as they used to be. Someone is way into his/her adulthood by then and responsibilities have taken over. You can make them feel special by choosing a nice dress to gift a woman, while watches work best with men.

50th Birthday
50th Birthday_Gifting Ideas For Milestone Events
50th birthday means half a century on this planet! You can opt for gifting options like photo frames or wall arts that will hold a collage of life’s most cherished memories. Make it more personalised, by adding a card and depicting all your feelings and love for the person. Nothing makes someone happier than something that displays how much you love them!

Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary
Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary_Gifting Ideas For Milestone Events
A couple has been together for 25 years and counting! We know the level of patience and commitment required in the relationship, thus, this calls for a grand celebration. You can give the couple daily essentials that can be used by both. Laptops, home decor or kitchen appliances make ideal marriage milestone gifts.

Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary

Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary_Gifting Ideas For Milestone Events

Golden jubilee wedding anniversaries are huge! Since the occasion signifies togetherness of more than half the lifespan, you could choose gifts that are more traditional in nature. Gold coins, rings and bracelets make wonderful gifting items for couples as their anniversary milestone gifts.

You can also give gift cards if you would like your loved ones to have the freedom to choose their own gifts.

You will find plenty of gift stores online to shop for milestone birthday gifts and anniversary presentations. If you want a personal touch to your gifts, shop for the essentials right here and go DIY.

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