August 31, 2018

We must admit, when it comes to streamlining and buying our makeup essentials, we almost always consider our skin overtone or complexion. Rarely do we consider skin undertone, which plays an even bigger role in the way makeup looks on specific skin tones.

But what exactly is the undertone?

The skin undertone, unlike the complexion, does not change even when you’re tanned. It remains uniform. Skin undertones are classified into cool, warm, and neutral. So whether you want to pick the perfect shade of lipstick or a foundation that truly complements your skin tone, it all begins with finding our your undertone.

Find Your Undertone In 3 Steps

Find Your Undertone In 3 Steps_Makeup For Your Skin Undertone


So whether you want to pick the perfect shade of lipstick or a foundation that truly complements your skin tone, it all begins with finding out your undertone. Take out a few minutes by trying out either of these steps and rest assured you’ll never have trouble selecting makeup!

  • The Colour Of Your Veins – Blue or purple colour veins indicate a cool skin tone. Green translates to a warm undertone. Don’t be worried if you cannot discern the colour, you are most likely to have a neutral undertone. Olive complexions mostly classify for a neutral undertone.
  • Skin Reaction To UV Exposure – If you notice tanning after exposure to heat, it’s likely that you have a warm or neutral undertone. On the other hand, burning and redness caused by UV exposure indicate a cool undertone.
  • The Silver Or Gold Test – As a last measure, try on gold and silver jewellery. If gold complements your skin more than silver, you have a warm undertone. On the other hand, if silver looks more appealing, you most likely have a cool undertone. If you just can’t make up your mind, chances are that you have a neutral undertone!

Warm Undertone

Warm-Tone_Makeup For Your Skin Undertone


Have a warm skin undertone? Here’s your guide to picking the right foundation, lip colour, eyeshadow, and blush.

  • Foundations/Concealers: Foundations with a mildly yellow tinge generally labelled as warm beige, golden, or honey are ideal. Here’s a tip, to make it easier, look for foundations with ‘W’ label indicating them as a match for warm skin tones.
  • Blush: Mauves and subtle pink blushes are ideal. Steer clear of ones with peach or orange hints
  • Lip colour: Deep oranges, striking fuschias, and reds look the best against your skin
  • Eyeshadow: Emerald green, cream, gold, bronze, coral, and fuschia are best suited

Cool Undertone

Cool-Tone_Makeup For Your Skin Undertone


You’ve finally matched as a cool undertone; time to get your true makeup matches too!

  • Foundations/Concealers: Look for foundations that appear pink in the bottle. If the label highlights a ‘C’, you’ve found your pick. If not, simply look for words like fawn beige, tan, and shell on the bottle or tube.
  • Blush: Mild orange tones or soft peaches will flatter your skin. Avoid using purple or pink tones as they may look too striking, rather than aesthetic.
  • Lip Colour: Red shades with a bluish undertone are most recommended. So are shades of wine and berry with a hint of blue. Lavender and frosted pink also work.
  • Eye Shadow: Lavender, purple, silver, sea green, and soft blue will complement your skin

Neutral Undertone

Neutral-Tone_Makeup For Your Skin Undertone


Are you a neutral-toned beauty? Then, lucky you! Finding the right makeup shouldn’t be as hard because, most of the times, products designed for both cool and warm undertones would fit the bill. But here’s some help with streamlining your purchase!

  • Foundations/Concealers: Look for foundations that are not overly yellow or pink-tinged. Find bottles labelled ‘N’. In case you are unable to get your hands on a medium-toned foundation, opt for a slightly yellow one, which would be more suitable than a pink-tinged one.
  • Blush: Blush shades designed for both cool and neutral tones can be used, ranging from peaches to pinks to even mauves
  • Lip Colour: You can wear lip shades recommended for both warm and cool undertones. This includes everything from bright orangey reds to peachy tints. You are free to experiment even rich pigments too as they will easily complement your skin.
  • Eye Shadow: Bronze, orange, and peach  eyeshadow will go exceptionally well with your skin undertone

You can now select the right makeup with our comprehensive guide. Get started by finding out your skin undertone!

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