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Best Mens’ Cologne Guide

July 9, 2019

Cologne has retained its masculine charm for generations. Men usually prefer cologne over perfume for the simple reason that it smells lighter, but perfumes have their own fan base. The difference between perfume and cologne lies in its composition- while perfumes contain 20%-30% fragrance, cologne only contains about 2%-5% of fragrance. In fact, if you are searching for the best long lasting perfumes for men, you might want to choose a perfume over a cologne. Check out some of the best mens’ cologne of all time.

Since our senses of smell are so attuned to memory and emotion, it is essential to choose the right perfume to suit you. Fragrances are typically available in three notes- and each of them has a distinct purpose. While the top note of a perfume is what we smell immediately after the scent is applied, it tends to disappear after the first few hours, then revealing the middle or heart note. The top note typically contains fresh, citrus or light floral scents such as bergamot or lavender.


The heart note lasts for about three to five hours and consists of heavier floral scents and spices such as jasmine or cinnamon. The base note lasts the longest and reveals itself at the end. It contains woody, earthy scents such as musk and sandalwood. Since it takes time for a perfume to’ evolve’ and reveal all its scents, it is best to observe it through the day before deciding if it is the right one for you.

The most important factor to remember while choosing a perfume is to figure out what scent family you want to go for. Do you want to choose something light and citrusy for summer, or go for a leather-based, musky scent to seem mysterious? Here’s our collection of the best long lasting perfumes for men- each of them with their own unique combinations of scents. How many of these are you excited about trying?

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

This is the first male fragrance by the renowned house of Jean Paul Gaultier. It has three variants ranging from gentle to masculine. While the top notes are made of natural oils of cardamom, artemisia, bergamot, etc., the middle notes are made from orange blossom, lavender, cinnamon, and cumin. The base note of this brand is made from sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, and amber. This is a popular men’s perfume, and is made unique by the tin can it comes in and the shape of the bottle. It is said to invoke feelings of nostalgia often.

Dior Homme Intense

This is another sophisticated and balanced popular men’s perfume, which is best suited to be worn in the evening and for formal occasions, such as while going out on a date or attending a wedding. While the top notes are of lavender, the heart note is made of iris, musk mallow and pear, and the base note is made of vetiver and Virginia cedar.

Calvin Klein One Gold

Calvin Klein is a premium brand, and the One Gold is a popular men’s perfume. It’s fresh and woody fragrance blends the charm of masculinity with freshness. The top note derives its fragrance from fig. It is a bittersweet fragrance that creates an instant fascination. The heart note is derived from neroli, while the base note derives its fragrance from vetiver and lasts long.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne

In line with its ‘premium’ image, the 1 Million Cologne comes in a bottle shaped like a gold bar. The top note comes in a diverse range of sweet, mint, and orange flavours. The middle note derives its fragrance from rose, cinnamon and blonde leather that just speaks of subtle masculinity. Owing to its refined, but assertive aroma, it is one of the best smelling cologne for men. The base note exudes a scent of amber, white wood, and patchouli and makes sure that the scent is lighter and fresher than the original.

Creed Aventus

This popular men’s perfume is inspired by the life of Napoleon, the emperor, and celebrates strength, vision and success. It is described as a moderate scent and is one of the best long lasting perfumes for men. The top notes are made of blackcurrant, pineapple, bergamot and apple. The base note consists of rose, jasmine, patchouli and dry birch, while the base notes reveal scents of musk, oak moss, vanilla and ambergris.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme

This perfume from the YSL house was announced as one full of contrasts and tensions. It oozes a dark and sensual aura and is a long-lasting cologne. It boasts of cardamom in the top note with bergamot, cedar and lavender in the middle notes. It finishes with cumin and vetiver in the base notes for an elegant closure. It is as masculine as one can get yet smooth and soft. Whether you are going for a night out with the boys or a dinner date, this can definitely be one of the best fragrance perfumes for men.

United Colors of Benetton United Dreams Aim High Perfume

This is an everlasting fragrance and a popular men’s perfume. The top note has citrus, lemon, and grapefruit, which gives it a fruity, yet provocative smell. The heart note contains nutmeg, mint, and sage that speaks of soft and freshness of masculinity. The base note comes in amber, moss, and wood.

Hugo Boss Red EDT Spray for Men

This moderate lasting, oriental perfume comes in a bright red bottle. The top note of grapefruit has an uplifting fragrance that can just get you going for the party. The heart note comes from rhubarb and smells semi-sweet and tart and also lasts longer than the top note. The base note contains amber and tonka bean and is a great perfume to be worn in the summer.

Remember that perfumes differ from person to person- the best smelling cologne for men might not suit you even if it suits others. The only way to know the perfect perfume for you is to try them- so make sure that you shop for the perfume you want at Shoppers Stop online to pick the right scent for you!

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