August 2, 2019

Your best friend’s birthday is just around the corner, which, more than explains why you’re here! Besides, you’d agree that finding the perfect gift for your more than perfect BFF is an arduous task.

But, to save you the dilemma, we’ve picked 6 out of a million things you can gift your guy best friend!

Here are the best ideas to nudge your imagination into creating that ideal birthday gift, even when it’s the fussiest gift-taker in question!

World In A Wallet

World In A Wallet_Gifts

Wallets come in as many types as there are notes in music and each one different from the other. Whether your best friend is a corporate head or a creative artist; whether he is a sports fanatic or a hardcore video-gamer; there is a wallet for everyone. Wallets effortlessly combine practicality with personality, making them the perfect gift! And if you’re confused, remember, a leather-tan combination gets it right every single time!

More Power In A Jacket

More Power In A Jacket_Gifts

Jackets have gone from being a mere winter-staple to a statement piece. So leave those second thoughts whether it should be ‘the gift’. We bet your guy friend will be on cloud nine when he gets an all-new addition to his jacket collection. With bomber jackets, shirt jackets, and blended blazers getting all the attention, you know where your gifting idea is heading!

Bag Matters

Bag Matters_Gifts

Bags are one of those things that unite men and women like a few other things truly can. This means if you’re deeply confused about your BFF’s gift, get them a bag! From oh-so-sophisticated office bags  to creative backpacks and pouches, there’s something for the eccentric and the practical alike. If you’ve received a nod from your subconscious, here’s where you can begin!

Beard Business

Beard Business_Gifts

Does your best friend obsess over his beard? Do his clothes and mugs scream quotes about his beard and moustache? If you’ve spotted that, we’ve spotted just the right gift idea to match up! Get him a beard trimmer, a complete set of grooming aids, and the works. Besides, it’s a gift he’ll get on to use from Day 1; mission gifting -accomplished!

The In-House Assistant

The In-House Assistant_Gifts

Stop guessing! We’re not talking about the personal assistant stereotyped in the movies! We’re suggesting a smart home system that will let your friend do everything from shopping online to controlling his home devices to knowing his favourite team’s real-time score, to even playing his personalised workout mix. We have to admit, this is ‘the gift’ for all the tech-geeks and gadget-savvy people out there!

 A Watch In Time

 A Watch In Time_Gifts

Facing a time crunch and the countdown to his birthday has nearly ended? Rely on nothing else but a  classy watch to help you out! It’s classy, practical, and is sure to make your gift seem like a well-thought-out idea. The different permutations and combinations of dials and straps are simply endless, so pick one that best suits your friend’s personality. From a simple leather strap to a metallic one, gift-wrap one now!

While the countdown to your BFF’s birthday has only begun, so has your quest to find the perfect birthday gift. Be the first to surprise him when it strikes 12:00 with a gift that’ll leave him in awe!

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