October 26, 2016

Nothing exudes a charming feel in the house quite like the addition of flowers. Real or artificial, flowers are therapeutic, for they instantly uplift the mood. Cast aside the mundane, and embrace some new flower arrangement ideas that are sure to liven up your living space. Real flowers can be a pain to maintain and that’s exactly why artificial flowers prove to be handy.

Here’s a bunch of cool artificial flowers that require minimum maintenance and have the ability to lend a fresh look to your home:


Cherry Blossoms
Instead of placing a bunch of multi-coloured flowers in a vase on the corner stand, how about creating a theme using two of your favourite shades? Take, for instance, cherry blossom reds and whites – not only are they appealing to the eye, but they lend a nice, vintage texture to your living room décor. Select your home furniture in contrast with the shades to make the floral arrangement stand out.

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Tulip Stems
What’s better than one long stem of Tulio blossoms? Six! Bundle them up and tie them with a rustic rope or silken ribbon, and place the pack in the center of your dining table to enhance the elegance of your living room.

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Single Rose Stem
Here’s a unique floral décor idea! Instead of opting for multiple flower shades, pick 6-8 flower stems in a single shade and place them in small mason jars filled with colourful water, sand, or pebbles. Line the jars up by the window sill and watch as the sunshine reflects through the colourful jars, thereby, lending a distinctive touch to your home space.

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Filling up potpourri in a jar is so passé! This time, opt for potpourri in your favourite shades, and place it in glue over a rectangular stack of wood, creating a gradient flowerbed. For instance, you could start by placing the lightest pink shade at the top of the stack, working your way down to the bottom with darker shades. Hang the rectangular stack in the lounge area of the house for a soothing effect.

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Rose Pot
Add some rustic charm to your patio area with square wooden crates filled with wild flower arrangements. From Italian roses to Peonias and Gypso flowers, fill the crate up with a variety of floral picks and place it in a corner of the patio or the lawn area. The contrast of real flora against their artificial counterparts will truly be the highlight of your outdoor seating area.

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