July 4, 2016

While it’s easy for a celebrity to dress straight from the latest runways’ catalogue, it’s also possible and just as easy for anyone else to take on these styles and look debonair.  Bollywood has flashed many styles and encouraged people to follow its lead when it comes to fashion.

Here’s a look at how fashion trends have been set by popular actors in recent times. Get these latest outfit ideas from your favourite celebrities.



Image Sources : Akshay Kumar – www.mensxp.com , Fawad  Khan – www.pinterest.com, Farhan Akhtar – GQ

Akshay Kumar : With extremely toned body and killer looks, Akshay is a Khiladi of style in true sense. This action hero has an impeccable style that redefines slick every time he dresses up, wowing everyone and making him the favourite of all! This vintage look, of grey suit with vest and tie, is widely admired and imitated by the fashion conscious young men of today.

Fawad Khan : From classy to a boy-next-door avatar, a heavily bearded Fawad Khan always looks dapper. His classy and chic yet new and experimental style is a perfect fashion statement. This smart casual look gives a pleasing break from the regular staple shirt and trouser attire.

Farhan Akhtar : No one can pull off long unruly mane held back with a hairband like he does. He has become the height of style as his sense of fashion is very relaxed and easy-going. With this casual trouser, polo t-shirt, semi-formal look, the actor turned director turned singer manages to carry the look with ultimate ease.

Ranveer-Singh-and-Saif-Ali-Khan Image Sources : Ranveer Singh – www.mansworldindia.com, Saif Ali Khan – Mid Day

Ranveer Singh : Ranveer is an actor who is every designer’s dream model to play dress-up with. He is the man who proved that moustache is hot. Looking stunning in this intense look teamed with a hat and printed shirt under a blue blazer, he is emerging as a new style icon for men.

Saif Ali Khan : The Nawaab is the one we look forward to taking lessons to look dapper from, when it comes to style without going over-the-top. A man who is as comfortable in his own self as Saif is, he can carry himself effortlessly. White jodhpurs paired with black bandhgala and black formal shoes is dressed to  perfection.

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