March 3, 2021

As our daily lives overflow with things that demand our time and attention, self-care takes a back seat. Arcelia’s range of lush bath and body essentials is here to remind you to take a moment from all the hustle and give love to your skin by turning self pampering skincare routine into a ritual of wellness and rejuvenation. Not only will it set the tone for the day to come, but also the fragrance, a form of self-expression, will help you make a statement. Depending on which side of you takes the wheel, Shoppers Stop has got a scented body product collection for every mood!

Zingful Zest


If you’re someone who absolutely loves adventures and wants to get the best out of each day, we bet you would gravitate towards our crisp, citrus- scented Zingful Zest products. One of the most loved products from the range, the Zingful Zest Shower Gel, is super light which makes it perfect for breezy summers. The freshness of lemon will keep you active all day long and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. When life gives you lemons, embrace their zingful zest with energising shower essentials from this range!

Hydrating Hug

The serene range of Hydrating Hug bathroom essentials from Arcelia comes with a sweet infusion of lily of the valley and is great for a romantic night-in or a self care Sunday. Moisturise after a refreshing shower with the Hydrating Hug Body Butter for instant softness. With smooth, radiant skin and a relaxing floral fragrance that lingers for hours, your body will thank you for the luscious hydration of this range!

Musky Mystery

If you believe you have a spirited and whimsical personality, try the Musky Mystery Sugar Body Scrub for a euphoric bath experience.  Deep exfoliation gives skin that’s rejuvenated and tingling with the spicy freshness of cloves and cinnamon. When perky and flirtatious is the mood for the day, the Musky Mystery range is your ticket to expressing your playful side! 

Delicious Dive 

Some people just like to take life as it comes with a jolly and sweet attitude. If this sounds like you, then you will definitely be drawn to our fruity fragrance. The Delicious Dive range of rich bath and body  essentials with a scintillating combination of woody and fruity notes of pomegranate and apple will leave you with skin that is brighter, youthful and detoxified. To exude the freshness you  love, give the Delicious Dive Body Mist a try for all day long happy vibes!

Power Pop


For the bold and sophisticated visionary in you, Arcelia’s Power Pop range of shower and bofy essentials is the way to go. Exotic berries revitalise dull skin and the divine fragrance of blackcurrants and violets lifts your spirit! Use the Power Pop 3 in 1 Cleanser  Scrub + Mask for a powerhouse of benefits which give you the confidence that comes with flawless skin.

When your bathing routine holds the power to turn your day around and give your skincare  routine much needed love and care, why not go for it? Make the most out of your self-pampering skincare morning routine with Arcelia’s premium bathing and body  essentials. Head to a Shoppers Stop near you or get your haul of bathroom essentials online today!

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