Learn To Take Care Of Your Everyday Jewellery
September 27, 2019

Caring for the precious everyday jewellery you own could be quite the task and may seem demanding. While we’re always taught to take care of gold and diamond jewellery, we don’t really pay attention to the everyday pieces we own. Taking care of them doesn’t take much effort and can help them last for longer.

Here’s a quick look at how to clean silver ornaments so that they always seem as good as new!

Wear With Care 

When you dress up, first wear your clothes, makeup, set your hair, and put on your jewellery last. This way you will not tarnish your pieces. At times, your jewellery can get stuck in your brush or makeup and may cause discolouration. 

Additionally, cleaning detergents and chemicals can damage the finish on your design permanently. Hence, it’s best to make sure your look is set before you wear your jewellery. 

You can also protect your jewellery by rotating them regularly. You might have your favourite pieces, but remember that wearing the same pieces regularly could cause it to oxidise, damaging the metal and causing discolouration. Wearing them occasionally will help to preserve your precious items for a longer period.

Clean Them Gently

Learn To Take Care Of Your Everyday Jewellery


Wearing jewellery frequently will cause dust, oils and other contaminants to settle onto the pieces. If you want to know how to clean silver ornaments, always err on the side of caution and use simple, non-abrasive materials such as a soft toothbrush, soft cloth, water and soap. Be gentle, don’t overhandle or rub your jewellery too hard, and don’t use commercial cleaning products on them.

Store Jewellery Separately

Learn To Take Care Of Your Everyday Jewellery


Most of us usually store all our jewellery in a jewellery box. While this is convenient, it could also cause damage to your jewellery. As different pieces of jewellery have different qualities, storing them together can cause them to easily scratch against each other, tangle with one another or chip off. It’s best to store jewellery separately in boxes with a soft-lined compartment and ensure that pieces are not close to any fastenings, so they don’t get entangled. It’s also easier for you to choose and wear the piece of your choice at the time of styling. You can also store your jewellery separately in soft pouches. 

Protect Them From The Elements

Learn To Take Care Of Your Everyday Jewellery


Another important aspect to keep in mind is that jewellery should be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold. Exposure to humidity, heat or sunlight will limit their life span.

It’s recommended that you store the items in the boxes or packages they came in. This prevents damage or dust from setting in. If you feel your pieces will oxidise, you can store them in airtight bags. Additionally, silica gel packs will help absorb moisture. 

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