May 9, 2019

When summer is here, there’s no way that bright and bold prints can be far behind. This season brings with it the opportunity to play with colours and styles, but is your office holding you back?

You may have made plans to add some cool and fun additions to your wardrobe this summer. But the corporate world often demands your presence in formal attire. If you can relate to this fashion grievance, this compilation is here to save your day. Yes, ladies! All it takes is a little planning and creativity to be fashion forward and stand out in this sleek summer officewear.

These fresh trends in summer work wear for women will help you beat the heat in style this summer while keeping your professional look intact.

High-Waisted Trousers

Summer Office Wear: High-Waisted-Trousers

Cool and comfy pants are indispensable when it comes to summer office wear for ladies. And a pair of well-fitted trousers is considered an excellent choice of formal attire. However, what’s widely accepted can run the risk of becoming clichéd.

Break the norm with high-waisted trousers in pastel hues and minimalistic prints. Pair them with a full-sleeved shirt or formal blouse tucked in to create an effect of longer legs and a slimmer waist.

Cool And Contemporary Shirts


Now that you have your bottom-wear figured out, you would need some chic shirts to team them with. When it comes to shirts for work wear, it’s a tricky balance to keep. You want to look sophisticated, and yet stand out, since everyone is trying to nail the same look.

Luckily, the collection ofsummer work wear for women at Shoppers Stopcomes with a plethora of tasteful prints to choose from. Now you can wear your personal style with these modish shirts while looking every bit a professional.

Even if it is something as common as a checked shirt, various asymmetrical patterns, pattern sizes, and colour combinations provide you with a lot of space to experiment. Paisley prints or checks, remember the basic mantra- the more design your shirt has, the simpler your trousers need to be.

Polka Dots


They say old is the new gold, so why not include some evergreen prints from the 60s in your summer work wearPolka dots – a reminiscent of the vintage era – were and still are a massive hit when it comes to current fashion choices. This pattern goes quite well with formal shirts in pastel hues, where the brightly coloured dots offer a refreshing contrast in your ensemble.

If you want to take it a step further, pair your polka-dotted shirt with high-waisted, bell-bottom trousers. Complete the look by tying your hair in a high ponytail or top-bun secured with an embellished pin.

Shirt Dresses

shirt dress

With summer comes the chance to explore with summer dresses for office wear. A tip to create a fashionably sophisticated style is by combining a pencil skirt and a short dress to make a skirt-dress. Opt for A-line dresses with collars to achieve a more formal look. You could also go for a button-down dress or a wrap-around with an asymmetric hemline.

Shirt dresses have been around for a while; however, it is surprising other standard options for corporate attire have sidelined them. Add these to your wardrobe to portray an aura of elegance while staying comfortably stylish. Choose from the latest collection of cool summer dresses for office wear in classic prints and shades.

Bright Skirts


Ditch the monotony of neutral-toned skirts for bright, colourful ones. Hot pink, powder blue, lavender, and mint green are in this season, and it is only a matter of time before they make their mark in the corporate offices as well!

A bright coloured skirt will bring a refreshing twist to the typical choices in summer office wear for ladies. Cool hues accentuate your curves and legs far better than warm colours would, and it also makes you stand out in a crowd of grey and navy suits.

Colour Block


Colour-blocked dresses are never out of the picture when it comes to summer office wear for ladies. If you are someone who likes to stand out with a bold choice, this one is for you! Bright blocks of contrasting colours line your dress, lending you a professional yet artsy style.

These dresses can be found with both, symmetrical as well as asymmetrical patterns and cuts. They offer a lot of room to experiment with, so you can figure out how different colour combinations work for you.

Sheath Dresses


Nothing exudes confidence like a woman who can pull off a sheath dress, which is why it is a must-have on your list of summer dresses for office wear. This piece of attire has long been a favourite of the masses when it comes to summer work wear for women.

If you aren’t sure about the tone of a corporate event, a sheath dress is probably the best way to play it safe. These seamless, straight-fit dresses portray a straightforward yet lively personality. Choose a vibrantly coloured fabric with modern prints for a corporate event and add life to the party.

Summery Whites And Beige


Black is often touted as a fashion saviour; we find black pants and black shirts across the globe in every woman’s closet. However, white and shades of beige are here to overthrow the reign of black formals. White – a pleasing colour to the eyes in every season – adds a dash of sophistication to your look. On the other hand, beige can make everything better.

Think of a pair of black high-waisted trousers; now picture them in white. Yes! Definitely more classy, and with a shade that stands out. You can find them in a wide array of tints and shades- off white, cream, jute white, etc., and position them in your summer office wear collection.

Printed Cotton Shirts


The latest trend involves the incorporation of funky into formalwear, and what better way to sport this style than in the form of summer office wear for ladies. The charms of a pastel shirt will never fade. So, invest in cotton shirts with cool prints or embellishments. You can team them with solid pencil skirts or cropped trousers, completing the look with a pair of block heels.



Footwear is believed to be the first thing that someone notices about you. So, it is crucial to make the right impression at the workplace. While it’s evident that boots aren’t ideal for the summer, and sliders may look a tad too comfortable for work; sandals strike the right chord.

You could also opt for kitten heels or lifestyle shoes, while pencil heels, stilettoes, and loud wedges are a hard pass this season.

These are some of the top picks for summer office wear in 2019. You can check out the collection of summer work wear on Shoppers Stop online and in-stores to stay tuned in with the latest trends.

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