March 24, 2021

Summer brings with it new decor trends for the home and kitchen. Over the past year, our homes became our sanctuaries, and we spent more time bravely trying new recipes and getting to know our kitchen than we ever did before (when was the last time you had whipped coffee with banana bread?). Now, it’s time for an upgrade. Light colours, contemporary patterns and unique materials are making their way into our homes and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are 5 just-in dinning items you should get your hands on today!

Breakfast Set of Champions

A hearty breakfast enjoyed with your loved ones before diving headfirst into your to-do list can set a tone of productivity for the whole day. This Ivy Black & White Breakfast Set comes with 6 ceramic plates, mugs and cereal bowls each, in modern geometric designs that complement each other with a soothing energy. We think this breakfast set makes a fresh and practical new addition to your kitchen cabinet!

A Touch of Nature

Add a rustic wooden look to your table with this Back To Earth Wooden Painted Cutlery Holder that is both practical and chic enough to be a piece of decor. With earthy tones and beautiful brown painted leaves and two spacious compartments, this holder will give a polished designer look to even ordinary steel cutlery!

Fuel Up in Style

As you promise to keep yourself hydrated come summer, add this super pretty Pasabache Set of 4 Pink Glass Tumblers to your tabletop to motivate you to drink up. With delicate glass detailing and a lush rose pink colour, you’re going to look forward to beverage breaks all day long- from iced tea to fresh smoothies!

Snacking Made Chic

Whether you’re hosting a game night or just want to add a touch of fancy to your movie marathon, this Ellementry Ceramic Chip ‘n’ Dip Tray is the go-to for you. With a gorgeous sleek look and light tones of beige, this snack tray will add a charm to any occasion!

A Serving of Classy

If you have a taste for the finer things in life and embrace modernity, these Ellementary Brass Flute Glass Set was made for you & your glassware collection. A sleek finish in tones of gold with a contemporary silhouette makes this set of flute glasses a statement piece for any bar. Whether it’s sparkling wine or champagne, elegant glassware will turn the style up on any celebration!

It’s time to bring home the latest trends in kitchenware to give your kitchen a refreshing makeover. Head to your nearest Shoppers Stop outlet or shop online today and make your kitchen the chic haven it deserves to be!

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