Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From
June 5, 2020

Watches are probably the most understated accessories in a person’s wardrobe. While some prefer simple watches that complement their day-to-day look, others collect vintage luxury watches that they can pass down generations. Either way, when it comes to different types of watches, there is something for every personality. Buying a watch is not like picking out just another fashion accessory. They convey your style and personality, so it’s important you pick the right one.

Buying a watch requires you to factor in the make, design, and technical aspects of a watch. Our curated list of different types of watches will help you pick the one you like and help you style it for different occasions. 

Analogue Watch To Keep It Simple

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

An analogue watch is one of the most traditional designs for watches- it has a staple clock face, with an hour, minute and, second hand. Marked with numbers or roman numerals, they are simplistic and suit people with classic tastes. 

Style Tip: Ideal for a formal work setting, style a black ceramic analogue watch with a navy business suit for a meeting at work. 

Digital Watch To Stay Updated

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

A digital watch features a chic LED/ LCD face display, where time is shown through digits instead of hands on the dial. Earlier, digital watches came with a dull black strap, but today watchmakers are making some quirky versions of the traditional design. 

Style Tip: More casual in appearance, pair a digital watch with a rubber strap with denim jeans and a staple white tee to compliment your laid-back retro look. Throw on a leather jacket and kicks before heading out for a relaxed dinner with friends. You can also pair it with a shirt and shorts on a hot summer’s day.

Automatic Watch For Sleek Function

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

Also known as a self-winding watch, automatic watches operate with the wrist movement of the wearer. The energy is stored in the rotor that transfers the power from the arm movement to the mainsprings. Unlike analogue watches, if you do not wear an automatic watch daily, the watch needs to be kept in a watch winder. An unworn automatic watch can run on stored power for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. 

Style Tip: Automatic watches feature a sleek mechanical design and best complement business casual outfits. Pair a classic leather strap automatic watch with a light slate grey business suit and a crisp white shirt for a refined work look. 

Hybrid Watch For A Tech Savvy Style

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

Wondering how to choose a watch that does it all? Enjoy the best of both worlds with a hybrid. Hidden under a traditional design are state-of-the-art features of a smartwatch. The face of the dial resembles an analogue watch, but it also displays battery life, sleep cycle, steps taken, etc. Some hybrid watches also have heart rate monitors and step trackers, making them perfect to wear to the gym. 

Style Tip: It’s safe to say that hybrid watches are a tech aficionados’ first choice. Pair a silicon strap waterproof hybrid watch with athleisure outfits both to and after the gym.

Dress Watch For A Formal Occasion

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

There’s an unsaid rule when buying watches- when in doubt, always go for a dress watch. Their elegant design and fuss-free watch features make it a great first time buy. The best part about a dress watch is, unlike hybrid and chronographs, they are designed for versatile daily wear. 

Style Tip: Dress watches are best suited for formal and semi-formal wear, so they are great for everyday office wear. If you’re dressing them down, wear it with a buttoned shirt and a pair of chinos.

Quartz Watch For Precision

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

When looking for different types of watches, you need to ask yourself what makes you tick? If it is something unique, then quartz watches fit the bill. These watches, as the name suggests, have a quartz crystal that helps display the accurate time. More durable than others, quartz watches also have a more precise mechanism, due to the electronic current that surges through the quartz crystal. 

Style Tip: When accuracy and affordability are your two requirements, a quartz watch is the best choice. An ultra-thin stainless-steel strap quartz watch looks undeniably chic with both formal and semi-formal outfits. 

Smart Watch For Those On-The-Go

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

Designed for the modern multitasker, smartwatches feature a slick touchscreen built-in with apps, like a smartphone. When they are paired with your smartphone, the watch can manage notifications, apps, GPS, health and much more. The purpose of a smartwatch is to stay connected and to enable you to do more through the day. 

Style Tip: This watch suits all generations- while Gen X can invest in a smartwatch for its top-notch watch features and hassle-free connectivity, Gen Y can use a smartwatch for its elegant design and in-built health monitoring apps. Our suggestion- pair it with formals or style it to the gym, it’s a win-win investment for all! 

Luxury Watch For An Elegant Look

Buying A Watch? Know The Types You Can Choose From

A luxury watch is a great buy for watch connoisseurs who appreciate timeless pieces that reflect their style, personality and wealth. Each piece designed by luxury watchmakers is unique. Often encased with precious gemstones and metals, a luxury watch is a perfect investment for fashion-conscious young individuals. 

Style Tip: Pair a classic silver metal strap luxury watch with a semi-formal dinner jacket, dress slacks, and shirt for an intimate dinner date look. 

No matter what journey life takes you on, make sure you have an appropriate watch on your wrist to ensure you are dressed for the part. Choose between different types of watches at Shopper’s Stop online or in-store and show off your prized possession in style. 

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