How Can You Achieve Blended Makeup Flawlessly?
October 18, 2019

Those skilled at the art of doing makeup know that blending is the key. It is not about how many products you use on your skin but how you use them to achieve a flawlessly natural look.

Blending is one of the most important aspects of makeup. You could use the best brands and top-notch products but if the foundation and blush lines are visible, your overall look might be ruined. 

In the below read, we offer you some tips and tricks to effortlessly blend your makeup without any visible patchy foundation lines. 

Eye Shadow

How Can You Achieve Blended Makeup Flawlessly?

To understand the art of blending, you must know how to use blending tools. Don’t use the same brush you used to apply the eye shadow for blending. This is because there is always some product left on the brush. So, instead of blending, you will end up ruining the makeup.

To blend properly, use a new and clean brush and swing the brush back and forth gently followed by moving it in smaller circles.

You can use Colorbar’s Emphaseyses eye blending brush to achieve the perfect blending. This brush is available on the Shoppers Stop online store.  


How Can You Achieve Blended Makeup Flawlessly?

Before applying the foundation, you need to prep your skin with a primer and a moisturiser to create a base for naturally beautiful makeup. Now start blending from the centre of your face and work your way out.

Apply the foundation by using a blending sponge by dabbing it on your face. Also, always remember to blend the foundation into your neck area for a more natural look. To learn more, read our blog on Laying The Foundation: How To Achieve A Non-Cakey And Flawless Look.


How Can You Achieve Blended Makeup Flawlessly?

Always smile while applying the blush. Use small or medium-sized brushes to sweep it right from the apple of your cheek to the cheekbone. Take it up along to the top of the ear. To avoid any harsh blush lines, swirl the brush around your cheek.

The key here is to select the right brush. Make sure that it is not too big. Otherwise, it may fail to apply the right amount of blush on your face. Choose brushes from trusted brands such as Mac, Colorbar, Faces etc. for the best results.


How Can You Achieve Blended Makeup Flawlessly?

The only way to ace the contour game is by perfecting the art of blending. Without proper blending, contour can be a makeup disaster.

Contouring adds definition to your face while accentuating your features. You can use a special contour brush or even a makeup sponge blender to seamlessly blend the contour with your makeup.

Apart from the right technique, there are a few important things to remember to achieve perfectly blended makeup.

One of them is your foundation shade. It must perfectly match the tone of your skin. No matter how much you blend, the wrong shade of foundation can ruin the look.

Another important aspect is choosing the right tools. Apart from the ones you get with your makeup, investing in some good quality tools can really up your makeup game. To choose from a range of premium makeup tools, head on over to Shoppers Stop online or in-store

You can buy branded tools including sponges and brushes from Shoppers Stop’s latest collection online and in-store.

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