What Can You Gift The Special Women In Your Life?
February 27, 2020

International Women’s Day, annually celebrated on 8th March, celebrates the immense contributions that women have made in the history of the world. This year, show your appreciation for the women in your life by gifting them a little something that shows how much you appreciate them. 

Whether it’s your mother, sister, wife or daughter, read on to know some gifting ideas for each of these women who have surely changed your life in innumerable ways. 

 A Gift For Your Mom’s Daily Needs 

What Can You Gift The Special Women In Your Life?

Mothers generally have the most influence over who you are in your life, after all, they are the ones from whom we learnt about unconditional love. This Women’s Day, pay back some of that love by giving her a gift that she will truly love and cherish. 

Gifting ideas: If your mother loves to lead an active lifestyle and loves to take a walk in the park or around the neighbourhood every morning, gift her a pair of sneakers with cushioning or memory foam to make the activity more comfortable. You can also gift your mom a unique handloom saree that she’d love to flaunt at the next family get-together! 

 A Gift For Your Stylish Sister 


Sibling relationships come in extremes- there are days you share every aspect of your life with each other, and then there are times when you can’t sit in the same room. But all said and done, they are the ones you know you can go to for advice, comfort, or just a laugh. Let your sister know how much your shared moments with her mean to you by giving her a gift that she will use regularly. 

Gifting ideas: If your sister is health-conscious or a tech enthusiast, gift her a smartwatch that will help her multitask and access all her apps even when her phone is away! If she is someone that loves the outdoors, gift her a pair of shades that will protect her from the heat, especially in the upcoming summer months. 

 A Thoughtful Gift Your Wife Will Cherish 

What Can You Gift The Special Women In Your Life?

For better or for worse, and until death do you part- your relationship with your wife is defined by the joys of companionship, love and mutual respect. With that in mind, it’s important you give her something that reflects the depth of your relationship. 

Gifting ideas: Gift your wife a beautifully embellished watch from the Titan Raga collection. To make it more special, engrave the back of the dial with a short, meaningful message or a date that means a lot to both of you. 

You can also show your wife that you notice the small things in her life. For example, replace a bottle of her favourite perfume that’s about to get over to impress her with your gesture. 

 A Gift To Suit Your Daughter’s Personality                    

What Can You Gift The Special Women In Your Life?

A daughter holds a very special position in a father’s heart—the love between a father and daughter endures the passing of time and knows no distance. Make sure you gift them something that is indicative of where they are in life.  

Gifting ideas: For a daughter who is just about to graduate, gift her a full-length black shimmery gown in a classic colour such as black for her graduation day. If your daughter is just about to start working, you can gift her a tote bag or laptop bag so that it serves as a practical reminder of you! 

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