Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?
December 9, 2020

Perfumes have always been a favourite beauty product of the aristocrats. Nowadays, the desire to own exquisite scents and perfumes has caught the attention of almost everyone who can afford them now, not just the rich or the elite. However, if you found your favourite expensive perfume on a large discount counter, pause to give it some thought. Why would anyone slash down the price of expensive perfumes unless it was a clearance sale? Does it appear like a deal too good to be true?

Cashing on this craving for perfumes is a huge market of fake perfumes, which have made surreptitious inroads not only into tiny shops and streets of markets and bazaars but also into big chain stores and malls. If you assume that you’re buying an authentic one, because you’re in a big store, you may be in for a big surprise!

Can You Differentiate?

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

Duplicate perfumes look very similar to the original ones, so much so that you cannot differentiate between the two immediately. The similarity is too stark for an untrained and unsuspecting eye. But become a hawk and your eyes can spot fake with a little attention.

Make Your Checklist!

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

Before you head to the cash counter and spend an exorbitant amount over your favourite perfume, go through this checklist. It might save you from purchasing a fake perfume. If, however, it passes your tests, then you can rest assured that what you are buying is indeed the real deal!

Step 1: The Wrapper

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

Here’s the biggest giveaway and easy to spot. Notice the plastic encasing of the perfume box. How secure is it? If it appears even slightly loose in certain places, be on guard. Genuine perfume companies take pains to ensure the wrapper is tight with absolutely no stray folds or creases or excess plastic hanging around. The packaging is top class, and the brand name is usually raised on the pack rather that just being printed on it. A box of a counterfeit bottle may appear like plain cardboard.

Step 2: Batch And Serial Numbers

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

Seek the batch and serial numbers of the perfume from the seller. Call the customer service centre of the perfume manufacturer and verify its authenticity. This is a guaranteed way of eliminating fake. Also, check the back of the packaging. You may be surprised to read blatant grammatical errors staring at you on the fake ones.

Step 3: Perfume Bottle Quality

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

Perfumes are expensive and a lot goes into its bottle design and packaging. The glass quality is smooth and immaculate all along, so much so that you’ll fall in love with the bottles. A fake bottle is visibly inferior in quality with rough edges that cannot go unnoticed. 

Step 4: Smell Out The Fake

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

For a single note perfume, you can check for how long-standing it is by holding a tester and walking around till you finish all other purchases to see if it still smells as good in the end. For authentic perfumes, it stays for a few hours, but fake perfume does not last. A multi-layer, multi-note perfume is even more interesting, as you can walk around with the tester and discover its top, middle and base notes. And these intermingle in complex ways to surprise and delight the wearer as they journey together through time. A fake perfume with supposedly multiple notes, falls flat, within a few minutes. What remains resembles a dull ache after a fall, a fading smell that really reflects nothing except how counterfeit it is! 

Now that some tests are in place apply them to some popular perfumes and analyze the results. 

Versace Bright Crystal

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

This is a mix of beautiful floral scents. With a premium price tag, it is not easy on the pocket. This made in Italy brand is known for its high-end goods, so if anyone was selling it for a lower price, you might want to scrutinize this further. The above steps can help you arrive at the right conclusion. According to the product description, 

Top notes – yuzu, iced accord, and pomegranate.

Heart notes – peony, magnolia, and lotus flower.

Base notes – acajou, vegetal amber, musk olfactory family floral fruity musky

Notice if the fragrance changes with time to the middle and base notes. This change in fragrance is quite organic and always keeps you guessing and intrigued. However, if it’s not genuine, there are absolutely no surprises to sniff at. The predictability is quite stark and dull. To be sure, you can go over the checklist above, and only make a purchase if it’s not an imitation. But if it passes your test, then you can safely bank on the seller, unless you spot something dubious!

CAROLINA HERRERA Womens Good Girl Eau de Parfum 

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

The house of Carolina Herrera’s Women’s Good Girl Eau de Parfum includes top notes like mandarin, jasmine sambac, praline and cinnamon and heart notes containing the addictive notes like bergamot and lemon. Both jasmine and praline are distinct notes. Only a genuine perfume can saunter along from one note to another, while an imitation might simply stick to jasmine or praline, one note only. The smooth transition between various notes is what fake perfume cannot manage. The checklist, of course, comes in handy to give the wrapping, bottle, packaging and the serial and batch numbers a nod, so use these factors to determine if what you are buying is fake or real!

Jimmy Choo Womens Fever Eau De Parfum

Can you spot the fake from the real perfume?

The top green notes lend a strong and natural fragrant accent. The notes of black plus, litchee and grapefruit make it slightly complex to detect. If in doubt, use the checklist, especially the bar code and the serial number to reach the right conclusion.

The checklist is definitely a good way to ensure you’re making the right choice. So go ahead and be the proud owner of a collection of the best, most authentic fragrances that you can get at Shoppers Stop online or in-store. If you’re looking for a great perfume for men, read our blog on the Best Men’s Cologne Guide.

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