March 1, 2019

The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else. What you choose to put on your feet actually does reflect something about you, whether it be laziness (socks with slip-on sandals), obliviousness (untied sneakers) or keen style savvy (those trendy suede desert boots we love so much). When you spend oodles of money on a nice pair of leather shoes, it is important to maintain them well too.

Leather shoes are like a brand-new car, Treat them well and they will return the favour. That’s why leather care is a practice that you can’t afford to neglect.

So, stay with us as we run you through these quick tips on how to maintain your leather shoes.

Cleaning Is Must

Don’t Forget Cleaning_leather shoes


We take our shoes everywhere we go. Which also means that we walk with them on, where ever we go, allowing them to get dirty. We must, however, keep in mind that leather shoes require regular cleaning. A good brush will come in handy, to get rid of all the dirt and debris accumulated! For suede shoes, use a nylon brush.

Soap Can Do The Trick

Soap It Up_leather shoes


Tough stains need tough remedies! If you’ve somehow got your leather shoes stained, a soap might come handy to help you clean it. You can use a mixture of water with dish soap to wipe out stains. Simply dip your shoe brush in the mixture and gently scrub the stains off with gentle strokes! Don’t forget the sides, which tend to get dirty before the others!

Don’t Forget To Wipe

Soap It Down_leather shoes


Now comes the washing away of the soap. Keep in mind to not get the shoes wet, to an extent that they get damaged. Use little water, followed by a dry piece of cloth to leave your shoes clean and dry!

Shoe Cream ToThe Rescue

 Application Of Cream_leather shoes


The benefit of a shoe cream can safely be compared to that of face cream. If you’re someone who uses various leather products, you must be familiar with cracking or drying of leather. Shoe cream gets soaked up by the leather, thereby preventing it from drying and it also creates a protective layer around them!

Wax Polish For Shine

Don’t Skimp On Wax Polish_leather shoes


Now, who doesn’t love a good-looking pair of shoes! No matter how nice your shoes are, they can start looking worn and ugly over time if not properly cared for. This is where a polish comes to the rescue. Shining your shoes with shoe polish is a simple and effective way of extending their life and preserving their natural appearance. Wax shoe polish provides a heavier shine and waterproofs the shoes. Frequent polishing helps maintain the newness of your shoes.

Run a Soft Cloth

Run a Soft Cloth_leather shoes


Shoe polish tends to leave behind some residue on your shoes. To get rid of it, take a soft cloth and gently wipe the shoe to enhance the shine.

Give Storage A Thought

Proper Storage Is Important_leather shoes


Unlike its faux counterparts, that can survive through rough conditions, leather shoes need proper storage. If there’s no ventilation, due to wetting caused by moisture it can actually feel more like greased rubber. The fibres that make up the leather become more flexible and the leather is less likely to rip or year. Keep your pairs separate from one another to prevent scratches. Storing them in a shoe cubby is a great way to protect them.

Shoe Tree Investment

Invest In A Shoe Tree_leather shoes


What’s the point of owning a good pair of shoes which has lost its shape? Leather shoes tend to shrink due to climatic changes, shoe trees are a saving grace that helps them maintain their original shape. A shoe tree is shaped-block which is inserted into a shoe when it is not being worn to keep the shoe in shape.

Dangers Of Humidity

The Dangers Of Humidity_leather shoes


Humidity is really bad for your leather shoes. Peeling and discolouration of leather shoes are caused by humidity. To prevent your shoes from the damage, simply spray a layer of water-repellent spray and get stress free! Don’t forget to maintain a 30cms distance from your shoes before spraying. Repeat the procedure at least four times a year.

Say NO To Direct Sunlight

Say NO To Direct Sunlight_leather shoes


It is pretty clear that leather can be quite sensitive to harsh weathers. When in use, keep your leather shoes away from direct sunlight and other sources that produce heat. This can cause them to shrink or even lose its original colour!

Tips To Remember:

  • Don’t forget to lay out rough sheets or newspaper before you begin cleaning. This will help you tidy up quickly when you’re done!
  • Timing is the key to an extended shoe life. It is always best to have them cleaned as soon as they get dirty.
  • Always test the shoe polish on an inconspicuous area to prevent it from discolouration.
  • You can substitute a shoe tree with newspaper stuffing to maintain the shape of the shoes.
  • Soap and water will not be very effective on scuff marks. You must resort to specially formulated products to get rid of the scuff.

Your leather shoes are an investment. So, protect them by investing time in maintaining them.

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