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Celebrate Eid The Gourmet Way

May 13, 2020

Eid brings happiness, harmony and a wide variety of scrumptious dishes. The delicacies range from sweet to downright spicy. But, there’s always something in store for every palate!

With the festivities just around the corner, you still have some time to finalise your menu for the big day! So why not tweak things a bit and surprise your dear ones with a gourmet feast they won’t forget?

Skip the conventional recipes and go the gourmet way this Eid. We’ll show you how.


Date Smoothie– Dates are a staple during Ramzan and Eid celebrations. This time, take the gourmet route with this classic recipe. Blend dates with milk  and bring it to a creamy consistency. Add a gourmet touch with a dollop of fresh cream, sliced bananas and vanilla flavoring. Bring home the refinement of a restaurant by pouring the blend into a fancy mason jar or glasses. Top it off with cardamom or cinnamon powder and add a generous serving of chopped almonds, walnuts, and cashews.


Awadhi Shahi Biryani– Think of a sumptuous Eid spread and there’s no leaving out the iconic biryani. But we love variety. So, leave aside the conventional biryani and try a crown jewel native to Awadhi cuisine. Awadhi cuisine originates from the city of the Nawabs – Lucknow, which in itself indicates that this is no ordinary biryani. Try this gourmet delight at home and make sure it includes a rich ingredient list of assorted whole spices, saffron, clarified butter, and rose water.


Lamb Kofta Gravy – Skip the usual gravy and try a gourmet style Lamb Kofta Gravy. While you’d generally add whole meat to gravies, this one can be prepared by adding spicy lamb meatballs. For variety in terms of texture, fry the meatballs in a frying pan before dipping them into the preparation. Garnish the dish with mint leaves, coriander, and lemon slices!


Reshmi Chicken Seekh Kebab – One of the many pleasures of Eid cuisine is the opportunity to feast on kebabs. Try a gourmet-style Reshmi Chicken Seekh Kebab dish that has its roots in middle-eastern cuisine. Prepare the kebabs with a variety of condiments, cashew nuts, almonds and fresh cream. Give the dish an authentic feel by grilling it over a charcoal fire for a crunchy layer. Garnish the platter with grape tomatoes, fresh pita bread, green onion, and tangerine slices. Get the visual aesthetics on point by serving it on a white plate.


Sheer Khurma– An Eid feast is incomplete without a bowl of warm sheer khurma. Give it a gourmet feel by infusing it with fresh rose water and a sprinkling of vibrant rose petals. This will heighten the aroma and flavour, while it’s still cooking. When it’s ready to be served, don’t hesitate to top it off with a thin layer of chopped dry fruits and a few rose petals.

Make your Eid extravagant and memorable with these mouth-watering gourmet dishes. Start prepping by shopping for cookware, and exquisite serveware.

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