Change Your Style To Reflect The New You This New Year
December 17, 2019

At the onset of a new year, we have this strong urge to make changes to some aspects of our lives. While resolutions might be hard to make and stick to, a chic makeover to your appearance can easily be achieved. Whether you want to go for a drastic change or are more comfortable with minor tweaks, you can make this new year your most stylish yet with these simple tips. 

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Change Your Style To Reflect The New You This New Year

Hit the refresh button on your wardrobe! Replace your old, ill-fitting clothes that you are not likely to wear again with cleaner, more flattering silhouettes. If you prefer wearing loose maxi dresses, embrace the bodycon silhouette this year! You can also give your partywear a glamorous spin by including cute mini dresses. 

Besides the basics like well-fitted skinny jeans, a smart blazer, classic tees and shoes, introduce new items in your wardrobe in some bright and offbeat colours. You can mix it up with tops in interesting prints and patterns. Infuse some personality into your collection by adding some funky accessories like a quirky belt or pointy-toed stilettos that you’ve wanted for long but never tried.

Refresh Your Makeup Routine

Change Your Style To Reflect The New You This New Year

Changing your usual makeup routine will totally reinvent your look. Never managed to get that perfect winged eyeliner? Now is the time to master the ever-elusive cat-eye look. You can also learn how to create soft smoky eyes for a glamorous avatar.

Every woman must have a signature lip colour that looks like it was tailormade for her. This new year, discover yours. Find that perfect lipstick that complements you beautifully and reflects your personality. Pick a subtle colour for everyday wear and darker shades for an evening look from an array of shades in nudes, pinks and reds. Make it your go-to lip colour, and you’ll end up saving a lot of time getting ready.

Move over from those OTT makeup looks from your college days and embrace your natural beauty with a more sophisticated ‘no-makeup’ look by paying more attention to your skin. You can also read our blog on 7 Hacks That Will Ensure Your Makeup Always Looks Natural for more on this style! Everyone has a different skin type- so make sure that the products you’re busing are tailormade for your skin! Investing in the correct products will ensure that you only need to enhance your features with makeup every day subtly. 

Switch Up Your Accessories

Change Your Style To Reflect The New You This New Year

You’d be surprised at how the right accessories can elevate your look from casual to chic. However, we’re not only talking about jewellery- but also having the right watch, bags and footwear. Just as your clothing choices mature, make sure that it also reflects in your choice of accessories- and that means switching up your college backpack for an elegant handbag or sneakers for a pair of formal leather shoes.

Watches also add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Invest in a premium watch that will be the envy of everyone you meet!

This new year, step out of your comfort zone and discover new styles that will instil a new sense of confidence in you! Head on over to Shoppers Stop for the best in fashion and stay inspired!

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