December 18, 2018

The festival of Christmas is around the corner and amidst all the preparations, there’s one thing that everyone has on mind is the thought to buy presents for their loved ones. We have curated a  list of Christmas gift ideas and your shopping will be a cake walk.

So, keep reading to discover a list of Christmas gift ideas for varied personalities.


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Christmas festivities are incomplete without cooking sumptuous meals. If your family member or friend is a cooking enthusiast, kitchen items or baking accessories make an ideal and unique Christmas gift for them.



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December marks the official party month of the year. With so many parties and weddings happening, makeup is going to be used in abundance. You could surprise a makeup lover by giving them a new shade of lipstick or lipgloss. If they are into contouring, a highlight and makeup palette will make them really happy!



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Nothing appeals to book lovers more than books. It’s always more the merrier when it comes to reading. You will have an ocean of options to choose from. Simply pick their favourite genre and give them a bestseller. Be it romance, thriller or sci-fi, your gift will definitely light up their faces.



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Does your friend or family member invest time in keeping their space the best-looking version of it? If yes, then we have just the thing for you. Since they like keeping their home or office decorated with fancy items, gifting them home decor would be grand. Dangling wall hangings or art decor items will beautify their homes and make them party ready!



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Your loved one is a fashionista? Nothing works better than gifting her trending shoes or clothes. So, look up the latest trends in clothes or shoes be it wrap skirts or sequin dresses and watch your fashionista buddy smile ear-to-ear when you gift them. However, you might have to check if she doesn’t already own similar outfit!



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Who doesn’t like smelling good? But if your friend is obsessed with collecting varied perfumes, we can’t think of a better gift than adding to their collection. Ranging from the kind of perfume you want to buy, you will find perfumes that are inexpensive and vice versa.


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Everyone wants to be in their best shape for the party season. However, if you find your friend or family member struggling to keep up with his fitness routine, it’s your duty to help them. From Fitbit to running shoes, everything will help them achieve their goal and flaunt their best body!



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If your friend or family member prefers the road less travelled, you might want to ensure that his journey is a comfortable one. An inflatable travel pillow will help them sleep better after hiking, while a travel bag will keep their essentials in place for them. You could also consider giving them a portable charger, so they don’t have to search for electrical plug points each time!



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The month of December is full of fun and celebrations. With a new party coming up each day, we are sure you party lover buddy runs out of outfit ideas. So, to add a fun element to their outfits each time, you could gift them a bunch of accessories. A versatile party top or dress will be a great gift too. 



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Many love art, but lack the inspiration or are short of time. If you know someone this, it’s your duty to encourage them.  So, give your friend or family member a reason to pick their brushes and paint a dream with the art supplies you gift them. You could also gift them stencils that they can use to draw unique images.

Here, your Christmas gift ideas list is now sorted. All you need to do is to shop from any of these gift ideas and watch the faces of your loved ones break into a smile!

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