December 17, 2021

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re wondering how you can make the day special for your kids, we’ve got all the answers you need. All your kids really need is a little bit of attention and a whole lot of love from parents who truly understand their wishes. So here’s a list of things they’d love from you!

Karrot Printed Cotton Crew Neck Infant Boys T-Shirt

Your baby might not be able to say much but believe us, they feel everything. So why not make them feel comfortable in the Karrot Printed T-Shirt, made of the softest cotton knit that’s gentle to the skin. We love the bright red colour and cute print that will make your kid look the cutest.

Karrot Printed Cotton Crew Neck Infant Girls T-Shirt

Once your baby puts the Karrot Printed T-Shirt on, that’s all they’re going to want to wear. The material is soft and breathable while the design is in a comfort fit. This two-pack comes with two t-shirts in a baby blue and bright red colour, both adorable.

Hamleys Black Cat

Your kid is now a toddler, almost walking around and saying things and the first thing they need is a friend. The Hamleys Black Cat is an adorable little companion to have, made with skin-safe fabric, perfect for your kid to cuddle up to.

Hamleys Miko 2 My Companion Robot Red

The Hamleys Miko2 Robot is an intelligent robot that can hear and see your child’s moods and reacts accordingly. It has information on millions of topics that keeps getting updated and hence with each interaction, your child will feel happier and smarter.

Hamleys Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command White

There is nothing preschoolers love more than a challenge and the Hamleys Hexbug Cosmic Command is one that’ll keep them occupied for hours. With a narrative of deep space exploration, it’ll ignite their curiosity about the world while promising lots of fun.

Hamleys Mega Activity Kit Tinkerer Stem Building and Construction Toy

The Hamleys Mega Activity Kit is an unlimited source of fun and learning with multiple activity kits within it. Our favourites are the AR colouring sheets and the AR puzzle packs, both of which teach important concepts while keeping kids involved for hours.

Freelance Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask Water Beverage Travel Bottle

It can be hard for kids to love school but some school goodies can make it a little easier. The Freelance Insulated Steel Flask will keep their water cold or hot for a long time and has an adorable animal print on the outside they’ll love to flaunt.


Hamleys Minions Hood School Bag

If your kid is a minions fan, they’ll fall in love with this bag. The Hamleys Minions Hood School Bag is a unique piece with multiple compartments for all their needs and a fun little hood that they can wear over their heads.

Hamleys Street Gliders Pink

There is nothing your 12 year old needs more than activity and movement to take a break from sitting in school all day. The Hamleys Street Gliders attach easily to any pair of shoes making it super fun for your kid to glide around on every surface.

Hamleys Ferrari Penny Board Skateboard

The Hamleys Skateboard is perfect for the kid who loves exercise as it requires a mastery of speed and balance to ride a skateboard. It has high quality wheels and a strong, solid board ensuring safety for your child.

Allen Solly Print Cotton Boys Shirt

For teens, looks can matter more than you realise. Let your boy feel cool and confident in the Allen Solly Shirt in a warm yellow colour and a breezy cotton fabric. It works for both casual and semi-formal occasions and can be styled with jeans or chinos.

Allen Solly Solid Polyester Round Neck Girls Dresses

The Allen Solly Solid Dress is a dainty little piece that’s perfect for a young woman. The pleated fabric is flattering while the soft ruffled flowers around the neckline add a touch of elegance. The rust colour is so unique and can be paired with rose gold jewellery. 

As your kids live their childhood and grow out of it, the one thing they’ll always remember is how you made them feel loved and cared for. You can also keep boredom at bay if the kids are spending time at home with you all.

Gift them a box full of happy memories with these presents to make this festive season special for them.

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