December 19, 2018

It’s the season to be joyful as Christmas and New Year festivities are around the corner. If you haven’t prepped up and decorated your home, don’t worry, there is no better time than now to begin your Christmas home decor. 

Bring cheer and warmth to your home with festive decor this holiday season and add magic to your personal space. Move over the usual decor ideas and make the most of these innovative and unique home decor ideas to immediately transform the aesthetics of your home.


Fairy Light_Christmas home decor

Let fairy lights work their magic and add a beautiful touch to your home. Opt for multi-coloured, jazzy and over the top fairy lights. You can also place the fairy lights with transparent wires inside a glass vase with and get transported to fairyland!

You can also place family photographs in the living room and decorate them with bright fairy lights. 



Ladder Tree_Christmas home decor

 Christmas tree is a must for Christmas house decoration ideas, this time make your own tree with the help of a ladder which is a little different. It is a brilliant idea to impress your guests.

When it comes to decorating your ladder tree, it is quite easy since it can hold everything in place. Simply open the ladder and place wooden planks vertically to make space for the decor. You can place toys, messages, decor pieces and treats on it. 



Stockings with knick-knacks_Christmas home decor

Christmas home decor is incomplete without stockings. You can use bright, multicoloured stockings with knick-knacks to draw attention to them. Place them under the tree or simply let them hang on a fancy wall in your living room. There are plenty of ornaments and trinkets you can choose to decorate these stockings.



Bring the plants indoors_Christmas home decor

Is there any artificial decor that can beat nature’s beauty? This year, go green and decorate your house with plants! Leaves, branches, flowers, vine, flowers, the options are endless. You can take flower buckets with pine and arrange them on your staircase.

Another way to decorate your space is to place fairy lights around your plants and write cute messages that will hang from them. Using a natural Christmas tree is a great way to save some money on decor too. Let’s not forget how fresh your house will feel at all times, due to the presence of these plants. Hence, it a win-win!



Festive Drapes_Christmas home decor

Drapes are a great addition to your Christmas decoration indoor ideas. It instantly helps to create a cosy look to the interiors. Add a Christmas feel to your home by using bright coloured drapes like red or green.

You can tie a ribbon bow on the curtains for a festive look or Jazz up your home by adding fairy lights on the drapes. You can also use printed drapes for a unique look. 

Embrace the festive season with these delightful Christmas home decor ideas and add a personal touch. Start shopping and add the holiday magic to your personal space!

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