August 6, 2020

As conscious as we are about what goes inside our bodies, we need to be even more careful of what we’re putting on top of it. Skincare and makeup products don’t just sit on your skin, they penetrate deep within and hence, it’s super important that you choose clean natural skincare products that are free of chemicals.  You don’t have to make a complete transition to clean cosmetics so start with these products and slowly make the shift for happier skin and a happier earth!  Here are our top picks!

Clean Natural Skincare For You!

Prep Right

Prepping your skin for makeup makes all the difference between a flawless base and a flaky one. Start with a hydrating micellar water that cleans and tightens the skin. Follow it up with a natural face wash with ingredients like apple cider vinegar which purifies from within and is gentle on the skin . Your skin’s best friend however, is going to be a pore refining mask. Australian Pink Clay is one of the best, most potent clays in the world which suits both sensitive skin and combination skin. 

Get Your Daily Hydration

From 8 glasses of water, yes, but your hair and skin need more and that comes from hydrating products that give you plump skin and shiny, bouncy hair. A natural toner that does not have alcohol is not drying, unlike your chemical toners! It gently cleanses and tightens pores for smooth skin, even up close. The eladi hydrating cream is one of our best  skincare picks, made with a blend of pure ingredients like coconut milk and sesame oil along with others, for removing fine lines, sun protection, and preventing acne. A hair cream  is also an essential addition to your hair care kit and we love a cream with abyssinian oil that prevents frizz and locks in moisture.  

Clean Makeup Your Face will Love

Looks Just Like Skin

Use the sebo vegetal gel cream as a hydrating primer by dabbing some gently on the t-zone. Our personal tip — swap a primer with this skin hydrating genius that soaks up excess oil and gives a subtle shine to your now flawless skin with minimised pores. Even on a casual day, use a longwear foundation for a smoother finish and this is especially great for summer and monsoon months. Of course, we can’t live without our popping highlighters and either dab it over the foundation or mix some with the gel cream or foundation for more of an inner goddess glow!

Eyes That Talk

When you’re using a product for something as gentle as eyelids and eyes, it’s better to use clean cosmetics and we love this natural, long lasting eyeliner that is extremely easy to put on. Use some kohl  for extra drama, especially with ethnic wear, and go all out with these natural looking lashes that will bring out the beauty of your eyes. Bonus points to the brand for creating waterproof reusable lashes that are easy to apply and super comfortable to wear for long hours. 

Lippie Love

A creamy matte lipstick is great for any occasion and any weather. The transferproof lipstick is our favourite because it lasts all day long so no worries about stained t-shirts or missing colour, and of course, its makeup! If you want something more comfortable, go for a nude lipstick that matches every outfit and glides smoothly on the lips. Guaranteed crease-less lips!

Must Have Night Routine  

Squeaky Clean Skin

Even if you’ve been wearing natural makeup, it’s important to deep clean before you go to bed. A jasmine face cleanser is great for troubled skin that needs gentle care. With ingredients like aloe vera, rose and vetiver root, you’ll find an all-round solution for acne, scarring and dry skin. Use a natural face scrub  that exfoliates the skin but nourishes the skin with potent ingredients at the same time. But go the extra mile by using a 100% natural brightening serum that replenishes and repairs skin from deep within and works against pigmentation. 

Beauty Sleep Products

Pure rosewater  is something we all know the benefits of but perhaps happen to forget. But it balances the skin’s pH level and refreshes it. When your skin is rejuvenating during the night, using a powerful night cream can really amp up the benefits. We’re obsessed with this night cream that has saffron for brightening, aloe vera for anti-ageing and licorice for anti-bacterial care.

Clean skincare can be a big shift, especially when the market is filled with chemical products. But choosing natural makeup brands is always worth it because while you’re helping the environment, you’re also benefiting your skin in the long term. So take your pick from an extensive and beautifully curated list of products at Shoppers Stop and we’re sure you’ll be raving about clean natural beauty in no time!

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