October 25, 2017

Every beauty blogger claims coconut oil to be the “elixir of life”. Removing makeup/washing your face/face masks/ acne skin care masks using coconut oil seem to be a favorite with these fashion divas. I decided to follow this fashion advice and used coconut oil to remove my makeup on a daily basis. Not stopping there, one blogger recommended steaming your pores with the oil. ‘Flawless beauty, fading acne, #woke up like this’ were the words in my head.


What could possibly go wrong? The BIGGEST mistake of any skincare routine – coconut oil on already oily skin; my face exploded with acne scars and inflamed pores. My marks still haven’t faded and I wouldn’t recommend using coconut oil as a ‘magical’ makeup remover that will heal all your skin problems. It might actually just worsen it. On the comedogenicity scale (acne- causing), coconut oil is a 4 (0-5 with 5 being the highest). It’s just not meant for your skin, don’t even think about using it. It’s not only pore clogging, but it can leave behind scars and the stigma connected to acne. Along with causing acne, it can also lead to dry skin. How? Your skin naturally produces oil (sebum production). By dunking your face in coconut oil, you are altering your skin’s ability to naturally produce the oil. Result?

coconut oil for women

Dry and Flaky skin. Use coconut oil as a base for makeup? Please don’t do that, you are ruining your skin texture along with damaging and scarring your face. Those scars can last a lifetime and I’ve had a terrible time getting rid of my acne. I can’t believe every makeup lover on instagram/social media uses coconut oil as part of their makeup routine. We look up to you; follow you to find some unique skin care tips. I have never been so disappointed. It’s definitely not a zit- eater. Don’t get me wrong, I love coconut oil on my hair. It’s just not meant for your FACE. STOP THE TREND NOW.

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