Navratri Home Decoration Ideas With A Colourful Twist
October 8, 2018

Navratri beckons us to celebrate and stay rooted in our traditions. While paying our devotion with pandal visits, cooking up authentic feasts, and dressing up in exquisite ethnic attire may pretty much sum up the festivities, we shouldn’t forget the customary Navratri home decoration revamp.

Add a generous boost of colour and vibrancy to your home with our ethnic-inspired Navratri decoration ideas. Check them all out!

Colourful Cushions_Colourful Navratri Home Decorations


Colourful Cushions  – If it’s anything to do with Navratri home decoration, your living room is where it should begin. Since your couch may most likely be the central point of your home, why not throw in a few embroidered cushions down there. Even a few cushions arranged strategically at a designated corner could give your space that rustic touch in the most aesthetic way possible!

String Lights_Colourful Navratri Home Decorations


String Lights – A festival without lights? We could never imagine that! So, light up your home with an arrangement of string lights in an assortment of colours. When it comes to Navratri decoration items, skip the regular ones and choose cotton ball string lights or small tube string lights. Their colours are more pronounced and will provide a more aesthetic effect.  While wall and table arrangements remain the most popular Navratri decoration ideayou could also go off the beaten track and create rows of cotton ball string lights as a wall divider!

Colourful Tea Light Candles _Colourful Navratri Home Decorations


Colourful Tea Light Candles – While lights and bulbs look splendid, our homes could surely borrow from the traditional vibes that colourful tea light candles impart. These decorative candles are traditionally used with exquisite tea candle holders and can be arranged in a number of ways. You’d be spoilt for choice when picking from the array of options available; right from attractive floral designs to the classic coin-sized variants. And, when it comes to colours, the options are limitless!

Glass Bottle Hangings_Colourful Navratri Home Decorations


Glass Bottle Hangings  – You can always count on glass elements to take your decor from drab to fab. And, glass bottle hangings are no different! Choose an assortment of coloured ones and illuminate them with string lights or small tea light candles to brighten up the ambience. This Navratri home decoration idea is best suited for spaces like the dining room area, corridors, and balcony of your home.

Bright Carpets_Colourful Navratri Home Decorations


Bright Rugs – Rugs in vibrant prints can instantly brighten up your living room area. Look for one with shades of pink, yellow, blue, and red; colours that are popularly used for Navratri home decorations. Embroidered carpets look the best and it’s not hard to find ones featuring attractive designs ranging from geometric patterns to traditional motifs.

Here’s the only Navratri decoration idea guide you need to spruce up your space. Get started by shopping for all the essentials under one roof!

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