June 5, 2018

Home is the the best place to unwind and chill.  Decorating your home with interesting colour combinations is a good idea to tweak your decor well within budget. To start with you can add a cool essence into your décor. This can lift up your spirits once you’re home.

This season, combine harmonious interiors and playful colour combinations to make your bedroom walls, drawing room and kitchen  with zesful resonation in sync with the weather.

Here are inspiring colour combination ideas to transform your cosy house into a picture-perfect one!

Rose-And-Grey_Summer Colour Combinations

Rose And Grey –  Take cues from the concept of minimalism to create a pink and charcoal grey theme for areas like your kitchen and drawing room. Create a contrast by painting a single wall in muted grey. Make it stand out by injecting accents of light pink using decor elements like photo frames and cabinets. Add up to the intensity of the soothing colour combination with eco-friendly collectables and decor items like bamboo serving bowls or earthen pots.


Teal And White –  Creating the perfect colour combination for living rooms can often run the risk of being overdone. Resolve the dilemma by choosing two contrasting shades like teal and white to set the equilibrium. With teal being the dominant colour, make sure to use it sparingly in decor aspects like your sofa or upholsteries. Let a white backdrop serve as the stage for this dramatic colour and see the magic they work together! With major parts of your home already highlighted in white, it would also be wise to fill up the visual void with aromatic candles or potpourri.

Coral-And-Baby-Blue_Summer Colour Combinations

Coral And Baby Blue –  Any space, be it your living room or bedroom should reflect a sense of warmth and tranquility. A colour combination like rust and blue brings the best of both aspects. While the rusty tones exude sheer warmth, the soft blue keeps intact the air of sophistication. Experiment with walls in a rusty palette and complement it with rugs, sofas, and cushions in varying tones of light blue, rust, and beige.

Moss-Green-And-Woody-Brown_Summer Colour Combinations

Moss Green And Woody Brown –  While you wait and save up to buy your own forest retreat, we suggest a room colour combination of moss green and brown to usher in the beauty of the great outdoors. Use a lighter tone of green or an off-white for the walls. To align with the theme, rely on artificial plants in decorative vases, elements like straw baskets, and indoor plants to spruce up the au naturel look.

Peach-And-Sea-Green_Summer Colour Combinations

Peach And Sea Green –  Speaking of home colour combinations, a Parisian café inspired theme is the perfect solution to those struggling to find a meeting point between classic and modern décor. The shades that perfectly complement the theme include soft tones of peach and sea green. This pairing effortlessly exudes a comfy vibe while still keeping it simple and classy. Bonus style points for going the extra mile and DIY-ing a café poster, a high countertop and a few bar stools!

Pretty pictures of well done homes on websites and magazines are too tempting to look away from. While most of us cannot afford season-specific renovations, makeover is certainly feasible with a new colour combination for your home. Here’s the right place to begin!

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