June 28, 2021

Who doesn’t love monsoons? The weather is as perfect as the mood and there are so many romantic rainy afternoons to look forward to, spent by the windowsill. So why not prep your house for the monsoon with some modern home decor, making it a space you love to spend time in? Here are our tips to maximise the comfort, brighten up those gloomy corners and humidity-proof all your kitchen equipment for a house that’s ready for the rain!

As much as we love the rains, they do have a tendency to make the house damp, dark and gloomy. Now’s the time to brighten up those corners with pops of colour and lights while adding some essential devices that’ll keep you dry and warm!

Ivy Square Embroidered Cushion Cover

The Ivy Cushion Cover is a gorgeous combination of neutrals and colours for adding a bright pop of colour to the house! These cushions for sofas have been tailored to perfection and will add a quirky vibe to your house with its trendy, embroidered detailing.


Ivy Nero White Floor Lamp

The Ivy Floor Lamp with its classy bronze finish will lighten up the room during the gloomy monsoon weather and add a cozy warmth. It’s the perfect addition for living room decor or for your reading corner!


 Back to Earth Rectangular Elephant Printed Door Mat

The Back to Earth Elephant Door Mat is a must-have for monsoons because slippery wet floors are so not fun! It not just looks elegant but also adds a traditional charm to your home.


Spaces Swift Dry 450 GSM Solid Cotton Bath Towel 

The Spaces Swift Dry Bath Towel is undoubtedly an essential for monsoon when you get caught in the rain. It’s lightweight, easy to dry and the bright mustard colour is our pick for colour of the season!


Soulflower Cylindrical Solid Orbit Mist Diffuser

The Soulflower Mist Diffuser is your best bet for when the monsoon makes your house smell damp and musty. Made of durable plastic and powerful enough to spread the fragrance across the entire room, it brings back the freshness with the power of aroma oils to keep your spirits elevated. 


Philips Handheld Garment Steamer 

The Philips Handheld Garment Steamer is your go-to solution for when clothes start to crease and crumple in the increased humidity. The lightweight device has a built-in stand so you can hang your clothes while you steam them, all in one step!


Monsoon means two things for the kitchen—cravings for yummy snacks and humidity that can ruin every snack and beverage! So here’s everything you need to cook up some monsoon favourites and store them well too!

Philips Viva Collection Airfryer 

Are you craving monsoon munchies but promised yourself you’d eat healthy? The Philips Airfryer is a must-have for modern kitchens, for it can create a healthy alternative for every monsoon snack. It ensures every snack is its crunchy best with almost no oil and fat!


Norpro Muffin Pan-12 Count

The Norpro Muffin Pan is just what the baker in you needs. It’s made of stainless steel for 12 standard size muffins and the durable material will last through every baking experiment!

Freelance Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask 

Tired of your coffee or tea going cold even before you’ve had the first sip. Don’t let monsoons ruin your tea time and get the Freelance Stainless Steel Flask. The vacuum insulation is your best companion for keeping all your hot beverages hot for every single sip!

Lock & Lock Round Storage Container With Lid

Imagine biting into your favourite snacks and finding them stale and soft. Not if you have the Lock & Lock Storage Containers that’ll keep all your snacks fresh and crunchy, safely locked away from the monsoon humidity. 

Make the most of monsoons by making your home and kitchen a cosy sanctuary, prepped with everything you could possibly need! Gather all these essentials for a season that’s warm, dry, bright and comforting—all at once!

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