Creative DIY Gift Ideas For The Festive Season
October 17, 2018

Festivals aren’t just for celebrating and unwinding, they’re a time for spreading love and warmth. As Dussehra and Diwali draw closer, it’s as much about deciding on those special gifts for those special people as it is about decorating our homes and finding what to wear. With diy gift ideas, you can make your festive giveaway invaluable and memorable.

If you’re thinking of how to make DIY gifts for the festive season, we have your back!

Tea light/Diya Holders Using Bangles

Tea light/Diya Holders Using Bangles_DIY Gift Ideas


Planning to gift something exquisite and in-sync with the festive ambience? Look no further than a tea light/diya holder crafted from nothing else but bangles! This DIY gift idea is simple but is sure to leave that lasting impression when your loved out wields it out of the wrapper.

Tip: Use super glue for a sturdy frame. Improvise with elements like tiny beads or glitter glue for a festive touch.

Painted Matkas With Goodies

Everyone loves a good gift hamper with festive goodies and… some more! Of the unique DIY gift ideas, this one can get as creative as you can think! Get started with a traditional-style matka and some bright paints. Use your brush strokes to create a combination of geometric shapes, flowers, and abstract patterns. Once dried, add some sparkle to the exterior with decorative beads and jewels. Finish off this traditional-inspired gift by adding some wrapped sweets, hand-painted diyas, dry fruits, miniature artefacts, and more!

Tip: Opt for bright paint colours like gold, pink, red, and green. Once complete, make the hamper look presentable by covering the top with a transparent gift-wrapping sheet.

Glass Bottle Decor

Glass Bottle Decor_DIY Gift Ideas


Looking to pack a unique DIY gift that stands out for its elegance and sophistication? There’s no need to try too hard. Reach out for some glass bottles, ideally tinted ones and repurpose them into classy home decor pieces that will light up the ambience in your friend’s home, quite literally! If you can’t find tinted bottles, simply choose to paint the translucent ones using glass colours. For the final finishing touch, insert a bunch of string lights. You can even go the extra mile to attach a wire, which will make this a great festive hanging to brighten up the space.

Tip: Use this as a DIY gift idea for your friends if they love collecting artsy home decor. While gift-wrapping, you could alternately use tea-light candles instead of string lights as a lighting option.

DIY Pooja Thalis

DIY Pooja Thali_DIY Gift Ideas


Since the festive season is largely about devotion and worship, an exquisite pooja thali would make for a great gifting option. Taking the DIY route with this will help give it your own personalised touch. Get started by creating two canvas sheet circle cut-outs as per the size of your thali. Use a stencil to draw designs of your choice on one circle and cut out the shapes thereafter. Next, paint both the cut-out circles in two contrasting colours. Stick them together once dried and paste it on the surface of the thali. Make sure the thali is painted in the same colour as the base circle.

Tip: Lend the pooja thali a decorative touch with exquisite beads and sparkling crystals. When gift-wrapping, add some hand-painted diyas.

Customised Greeting Cards

Customised Greeting Cards_DIY Gift Ideas


Good old greeting cards on snail mail always win hearts. Your best bet to convey your greetings in a car is by using quilling art. This easy art of rolling coloured paper is something we’ve all learnt in school and can be used to create a variety of designs. From paisley patterns to florals to festive elements like matkas, lanterns, and diyas; there’s absolutely no limit when it comes to creating your personalised greeting card. And lastly, don’t forget to mention your heartfelt greetings on the inside of the card.

Tip: Complete the card by writing with watercolour brush pens for an aesthetic touch. This old-school festive giveaway can be complemented with another gifting option of your choice.

Aromatherapy Kit

Aromatherapy Kit_DIY Gift Ideas


If you’re thinking of a DIY gift idea for your friends that is bound to be used and appreciated for its visual aesthetics and functionality, it has to be a hamper of aromatherapy essentials. But move over the conventional hampers and make your own in a few easy steps. Start off with soothing scented candles. Wrap them carefully with cinnamon sticks and tie them each with a decorative ribbon or jute string for a more rustic touch.

Tip: Arrange them in a gift box and throw in some dried flower petals or potpourri as a final touch-up before sealing it.

This festive season, go beyond the ordinary gifting ideas and surprise your dear ones. Take inspiration from our DIY list to get started!

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