Cutlery You Must Own if You're Planning to Host Parties
September 13, 2019

With the festive season about to start, everyone is busy making celebration plans. New clothes, jewellery, accessories, gifts, home décor items, sweets – these are just some of the items on everyone’s shopping lists. But if you’re someone who enjoys hosting parties and having people over to celebrate festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, make sure you have different types of cutlery and crockery on that list too.

If you’re planning to host a fabulous spread with lip-smacking delicacies, the right tableware is very important. Hence, here are some items you need to invest in to set the perfect dinner table: 

Elegant Dinner Sets

A good quality dinner set is integral to any home. More so if you’re frequently entertaining guests. From material to the design, you will have to keep everything on your mind choosing the right set. You could buy only the basics like the dinner and quarter plates, serving bowls and rice plate, or even add matching extras like soup and dessert bowls, serving spoons, soup spoons, and even mugs.

While most people use ceramic dinner sets, you can also switch it up for a special occasion by using bone china sets or some dainty porcelain. You can also buy dinner sets in wood, which is fast becoming a favourite for its rustic and earthy feel.

Cutlery For Every Course

The last thing you want when you host parties is realise you don’t have the right cutlery needed to enjoy a certain dish. While you should must own at least a set or two of teaspoons, tablespoons and forks for special occasions, you might also need to pick up other essential items like dessert spoons, fruit forks, steak knives and butter knives as well, as each course might warrant the use of different types of cutlery.

A classy cutlery stand to hold the different types of cutlery will make it easy for your guests to take what they need in a casual setting. For a formal dinner, you can lay your cutlery for each setting, depending on the courses you’re planning to serve.

‘Serving’ The Best Food

Good serving trays are very important. Make sure you buy at least one in each size as different types of food will require different sizes of trays. For example, you could use the smaller trays to serve water while the larger ones can be used to move casseroles filled with delicious food from the kitchen to the dining table. 

While trays are commonly made from plastic, today, you get them in different materials. Wood currently is the trendiest form of tableware. Wooden trays also are sturdy and tend to last long.

Chip-And-Dip Servers for Small Bites

If your guests are awaiting dinner and you want to serve them some light snacks, the best way to serve it is to lay it out on the dining table or any other accessible location. Your guests can then serve themselves comfortably. A chip-and-dip server is ideal for such situations. 

While a deep-bottomed chip-and-dip server can be used for chips, nachos and other crunchy snacks, flatter ones can be used for finger food like nuggets, cutlets and kebabs, which are usually well-accompanied by sauces and chutneys. Hummus and pita bread are great examples of what can be served on a chip-and-dip platter.

Glass Jugs For Hydration Breaks

We often tend to use plastic or even glass bottles to store water at home. However, these are very appealing options when serving water at a fancy party or even a quiet sit-down dinner with friends. A nice glass jug can work wonders here. Add some lemon slices, herbs or even berries to make flavoured water that is delicious as well as nutritious. 

Whip up a batch of refreshing sangria and use your glass jug to serve it. If glass jugs are too old school for you, try a glass barrel. It is one in vogue these days that is sure to be the centre of attention at any party.

Bread Basket For The Staples

Owning a bread basket is a must! You could choose a wooden one or a wire basket with a small piece of cloth for a base. You can use this bread basket to serve Indian breads like rotis, naans and puris. This is especially great for a communal dinner as everyone can reach into the basket.

Glasses For Various Drinks

If you host parties regularly, you might also serve wine or other types of alcohol, either through the meal or afterwards. If you are, remember to have different types of glasses at hand, as different types of alcoholic drinks are meant to be served in different types of glasses. For example, you can’t serve white wine and red wine in the same kind of wine glass; the latter needs a wider-mouthed glass for the wine to breathe. Champagne, scotch whisky and beer all need different glasses to be served in. 

If your friends enjoy a round or two of shots, it is always recommended you have a set of shot glasses in your collection. 

Table Linen For A Picture-Perfect Table

Last but far from least, you must have the right table linen. This does not just mean a tablecloth; it also includes items like table mats, table runners and napkins. If you’re picking out a tablecloth, make sure you pick one depending on who comes to the party. If there are a lot of families and kids, it might be wise to choose a plastic or dark-coloured tablecloth to hide the stains that will inevitably occour.

You can also choose your table décor according to a certain theme. For example, a Moroccan theme is ideal for Middle Eastern food while hand-block prints with Indian motifs would suit rich North Indian dishes.

There you go! Take stock of your crockery and cutlery collection before heading out to shop for what you need. You will be delighted to find all the above and more at Shoppers Stop online or in-store. If you want to know more about setting for a dinner get-together, head on over to Hosting Hacks: Ideas for Setting Up The Perfect Dinner Get-Together.

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