August 28, 2019

Festivals in India are about celebrations with your relatives and loved ones. All the festive meeting and greeting takes place at homes. Hence, a common tradition in India is giving houses a makeover during festivals. Cleaning the house, arranging decorative lights, polishing antique articles, changing the curtains and sheets are some practices on the to-do list of every household as they enter the festive season. 

With Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Diwali around the corner, it’s time for you to deck up every part of your house. From adding flowers to empty vases to bringing out the festive lights, this season is all about making your space vibrant. 

Home décor adds oomph and lustre to festivities. However, repeating the same decoration year after year can seem dull and boring. Thus, this festive season, go all out and experiment with some unique decorative ideas. You will not only garner praises from your guests but will also breathe a new life into your home. 

Here are some unique home décor ideas for the upcoming festivals: 

Eco-friendly ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi

This Ganesh Chaturthi, take a pledge to go green by using environment-friendly decorations. Instead of using plastic wall hangings, twisters and banners, use mango, banana and betel leaves to decorate. Flowers are an integral part of every festival. You can decorate your place of worship at home with an elegant flower bouquet and painted pots. Pots of marigold flowers can add a traditional glow to the setting. 

Replace the paper or cardboard backdrop for the idol with some flower arrangements. You can also create a canopy with block-coloured or printed dupattas and sarees. Make sure you avoid using plastic beads and other decorative items made out of non-biodegradable materials. Instead, opt for fresh flowers. They can be changed every day and will instantly brighten your home!. 

Navratri – Nine ways to decorate your home

The festival of Navratri is celebrated over nine days and is filled with dance, music, devotion, food, tradition and togetherness. It is also the time when people bring out the hidden artist in them to redecorate their homes. 

Here are nine ethnic decorative ideas that you must explore during Navratri

Ethnic cushions

Festivals are incomplete without colour. Thus, add a splash of colour to your bedroom or living room with printed ethnic cushions or pillow. You can find a pillow that complements your sofas and curtains. Cushions with embroidery, handloom designs and mirror work can jazz up your home to complete the festive vibe. 

Earthen painted pots

You can place earthen pots with designs near the entrance of your house and line it up on the staircase. Look for pots with geometric patterns or warli designs to add a contemporary and rustic look to your home. You can also place some artificial flowers, ferns and cherry blossoms in these pots. 

Rajasthani dolls

In certain cultures, people display an arrangement of dolls and toys during Navratri. This festive season, decorate your home with colourful Rajasthani puppets. These artefacts are made of wood and wrapped with a printed and shimmery cloth. Such decorations can make your home look cheerful. Indian handicrafts, with its intricate designs, can enliven any setting. 

Wall hangings

Give your home a contemporary lift with delicate wall hangings. Even metal wall frames can add some oomph to your space. You can pick floral designs or hangings with shells, butterflies or birds. Such artwork can make your home look classy and sophisticated. 


A home is incomplete without a painting. To go with the vibe of Navratri, decorate the walls with some ethnic paintings or murals; Tanjore and Rajput paintings. Even a botanical themed multi-coloured canvas can make your space look more festive. 


Mirrors are the unsung heroes of home décor. Since Navratri is a time when many guests visit your home, revamp your space with a mirror with a metallic frame or a vintage finish. They can brighten up your space and make your home look bigger. A mirror in your hallway or dining room can add elegance to your home. 


Hanging bells in your home can invite good vibes with their musical chimes. You can add them to the door of your puja room or even hang them in your balcony. 


With potpourri, you can customize your home to make it more relaxing and an ideal place to unwind. Lemongrass, ocean and rose potpourri can uplift your home with a delightful aroma. You can either buy potpourri that comes in packets or put the potpourri petals in a bowl to be displayed in the hall for maximum effect. 

Oil burner

An oil burner is a traditional piece of home décor which is apt for Navratri. You can either buy a terracotta or ceramic oil burner. You can place them either near the entrance of your house or in the puja room. When a candle is lit and kept inside, the play on lights is sure to make your home into a more dazzling place. 

Lighting Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is synonymous with lights. During this festival, every house in India is decorated with bright lights and diyas. If you’re wondering how you can switch it up this Diwali, follow these unique lighting ideas: 

Floating candles

Take a brass or copper utensil, pour water into it and place some colourful floating candles. You can also use scented candles so that they diffuse a sweet aroma. Place it near the corners of the wall and surround it with flowers or potpourri. 

Metal lanterns

Metal lanterns usually come with cut-outs in different patterns, that look ethereal when light shines through them. They can be hung near the entrance of your house, the patio and balcony. Lanterns with an antique or ethnic finish are best suited for Diwali as they will make your home look grand. 

LED candles

The weather during festivals is unpredictable. The last thing you want is the weather ruining your decorations. Thus, instead of using candles and diyas for outdoor decoration, opt for LED candles. With these, you don’t have to worry about the wind. LED candles can also be placed in lanterns to create a beautiful effect in your home. 

String lights

This Diwali, decorate your home with string lights in mini-glass bottles. They are very bright and can illuminate large spaces. You can hang them inside your home around the curtains and even in your garden and balcony, and they are perfect for welcoming guests into your home. 

Glass bottle votive

Spruce up your home with coloured glass bottles votives. These come in various sizes and can add a bit of glamour to your festival. You can place fairy lights inside it and hang them in the patio and balcony. 


Instead of just placing diyas around the house, use a fancy candle holder or stand. A candle holder with an antique finish in gold or silver can add to your Diwali décor. Place a candle stand on your dining table to create a sense of warmth and intimacy with your family and friends. 

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