October 6, 2016

Your home is your castle, whether you are a man or a woman, and as such, should be decked out like a castle. This doesn’t mean that you need large statues of knights lining your walls, but it does mean there are some appliances in your home – and every home – should have.

Untitled-1How about we start with a gadget that helps you to keep your house clean? Especially the bits that we believe need no cleaning, such as the desktop, photo frames, kitchen and book shelves, etc. A handheld vacuum cleaner is nearly half the size of their larger counterparts that makes it so easy to carry around. Incredibly easy to use, kids and adults can use them without much complications. It’s a win-win for all.

Most of us believe that blow drying is a superfluous step in one’s grooming routine. But the truth is that the mane requires styling. On towel dry damp hair, use a small round brush and make long strokes while following the brush closely with the dryer. Once you get the hang of using a hair dryer, you can pull off a host of new hairstyles, apart from your own hairstyle.

Looking for a simpler way to keep clothes in a tip-top condition? Then a household appliance, like a fabric steamer must find a place in your house. Apart from crease-free clothes, the gadget can also be used to eliminate bed bugs and dust mites. Use the steamer to get rids of all the creases on jackets, suits, pants, shirts right on the hanger.

Looking for a fresh start in the morning or a quick warm bath after a tiring day at work, a water heater is sure to help you do just that. Compact and practical, a water heater is a must have in all homes, especially during winter and monsoon.

Sure, they’re basically fancy scissors, but kitchen shears can be a very handy kitchen tool to have around the kitchen. The primary advantage of kitchen shears over normal scissors is that they’re more heavy duty and can handle a lot more cutting force. Use them for everything from separating a chicken to chopping dried fruit and bread, from shredding leafy greens and herbs to chopping off unwanted bits without any mess. Add this underrated tool in your culinary arsenal and add to the joy of a wonderful cooking experience.

Aren’t we always taught to be tidy and presentable? Wearing a crumbled shirt at work or a wrinkled dupatta is simply not going to make that cut. Invest in a good steam iron to keep your clothes crisp and also take care of all the delicate fabrics.

Gadgets make our lives pleasurable, relaxed and functional. Update your house with these home goods to accomplish your daily tasks with ease.

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