Decorate Your Home To Suit These Winter Décor Themes
November 25, 2019

Winter is almost here, and it’s the season to add warmth to your home to combat the cold outside. So, heading into the winter months, consider redecorating your home for the holidays with beautiful festive colours and themes. 

There are multiple themes that reflect the last few months of the year- read on to know how you can use these themes to redecorate your home. 

Winter Wonderland For A Fresh Feel 

Decorate Your Home To Suit These Winter Décor Themes

Transform your home into a magical land straight out of a fairytale with the Winter Wonderland theme. Choose neutral tones like white, silver and gold with hints of colour splashed ever so subtly to elevate it. White satin curtains with a layer of sheer gold perfectly encapsulate this theme and offer an elegant touch.  

Place a neutral-coloured armchair in the corner of your living room and add a feathered or velvet cushion to the sofa in your lounge. A faux fur carpet under the coffee table will give a warm and cosy feel.  

Don’t forget to do up your dining room. Pay attention to the little details as they make all the difference. White plates, white napkins wrapped with a silver ribbon and long-stemmed candles on silver candle stands and a white tablecloth will bring the decor together with harmony.  

Luxe Velvet For An Opulent Look 

Decorate Your Home To Suit These Winter Décor Themes

Everything about this theme spells grandeur. With some easy effort, you can create a space reminiscent of a palace. Velvet sofa covers in deep- jewelled tones of deep red, royal blue or bottle green will instantly add a touch of regal elegance. Add on cushion covers in brocade silk or jacquard to complement the richness of the sofa. 

Match your chairs to keep it cohesive. Spruce up one wall with antique gold colour. Textured wallpaper in gold will add more dimension. Hang a crystal chandelier in the centre of your living room or over the dining area. Its sheer opulence will give your space a very palatial vibe. However, if you live in a relatively small space, choose a smaller chandelier to avoid making the room look cluttered.  

Include some interesting pieces of art like a framed painting. Alternatively, you can place bronze or gold finished sculptures on both sides of your TV or by the entrance to enhance the royal appeal of your house.  

Reds And Greens For Some Christmas Cheer 

Decorate Your Home To Suit These Winter Décor Themes

Make your living room even more alluring with decor that embraces the Christmas spirit. Incorporate the festive shades of red and green in your furnishing. Even if you don’t want to make major alterations, changing minor details can totally rev up your home. For instance, throw on cushions in accents of vibrant red over your couch for a romantic vibe. Splash around decorative ornaments in glitzy gold or silver in corners of the house.  

If you are entertaining guests this Christmas, adorn your dinner and coffee tables with metallic gold vases with red roses in them and create a lasting impression. 

Lights are a very important element of Christmas, and no Christmas theme is complete without them. Hang a string of fairy lights over your dining table to fully imbibe the Christmas vibe. 

Extend the festive cheer to your bedroom with green bed covers and pillows with a hint of gold detailing. Similarly, you can upgrade your curtains to a classic plaid pattern in red, white and black for that perfect understated yet sophisticated look.  

Use these decor ideas as inspiration to refurbish your home and enjoy this beautiful season in style. If you’re looking for some sustainable home décor ideas, read our blog on 8 Sustainable Home Décor Tips For A Greener Home For these décor themes and more to celebrate the season in style, head on over to Shoppers Stop! 

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