August 16, 2019


Stripes have managed to evolve from the classic white and black, to all sorts of fun variations! From slim stripes, to thick ones, to slanting ones, to even broken, twisted stripes, the countless manifestations of this print have made it emerge  as a ‘fashion forward’ staple.

Just like the multitude of stripe styles, the styling options are aplenty too. Here’s your guide to making the cut in stripes with looks that evoke intrigue, awe, and sure shot nods!

Poised-In-A-Pantsuit_ways to wear stripes


Poised In A Pantsuit – Women borrowed the pant suit trend from men and have made it more dynamic than ever. When prints started being incorporated in pant suits, stripes took to the forefront. Vertical stripes in particular are a blessing for women who want to appear taller, without putting their feet through the trouble of wearing heels. Although striped pant suits appear to have come from a 9 to 5 wardrobe, the quirks of contemporary fashion have surely rubbed on the ensemble. While classic neutral stripes remain a mainstay, bold, colourful stripes are taking centrestage too; make your pick!

Not-Just-Another-Striped-Dress_ways to wear stripes


Not Just Another Striped Dress – It’s only recently that printing mixing has gained popularity. And good news is – there’s a happy marriage between two evergreen prints – florals and stripes. Needless to say, this newfound version of florals with stripes has emerged as a summertime favourite.  The rare print mixing combination is something you can never go wrong with, unlike a few cringe-worthy examples you may have seen earlier. If styling these together sounds off-putting, you always have the option of pairing florals and stripes separately to make the combination work. Candy stripes go wonderfully with bold flowers, making it a print lover’s dream!

Stripes-And-Plaid--A-Perfect-Match_ways to wear stripes


Stripes And Plaid – A Perfect Match – Pattern mixing has taken a sweet turn! Your simple striped tee is now eligible to be paired with your favourite plaid shirt or plaid skirt. To make this look work, it’s important to choose prints from the same colour palette. Keep you accessories to a minimum to steer clear of a get-up that spells ‘over-the-top’. Add your statement denim jacket and your comfy sneakers to the mix and redefine basic dressing!

Horizontal-Or-Vertical-Both_ways to wear stripes


Horizontal Or Vertical? Both! – In 2018, there are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to styling stripes. If you’re wondering, the fashion police won’t judge you! Dare to raise the style bar by flaunting a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes topwear and bottomwear. Also, print mixing stripes of varying sizes and colours is no longer just a fashion experiment but an approved style statement both on and off the runways!

Elegant-With-A-Tinge-Of-Sporty_ways to wear stripes


Elegant With A Tinge Of Sporty – The fashion world loves putting together different trends and watching the sensation they create. Sometimes, it’s a hit and miss, while on other occasions, it’s a work of pure genius when styles like modern stripes and athletic bomber jackets meet at crossroads. Don’t believe us? Try putting together a striped skirt-tee-bomber jacket look and witness elegance and sporty in equal measure! Don’t hesitate to slip into your pumps to lend this already amazing ensemble a defining touch!

Give stripes a trendy twist with these styling ideas. Get started by shopping for the essentials!

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