December 20, 2019

December – the month of parties, bonfire, and, of course, Christmas is just around the corner. A Christmas tree is an essential accessory for your home to get into the celebratory mood. Instead of setting up the same Christmas tree decorations every year, why not try something new?

Here’s our top Christmas tree decorations ideas to help you set up DIY Christmas trees at your home:


 Basket And Fairy Lights

Basket And Fairy Lights Christmas Tree

If you can’t find an actual tree, you can create one by stacking cane baskets. Fill or wrap them with fairy lights, and voila! Your dreamy Christmas tree decoration is ready.

Strings And Stars

Strings And Stars Christmas Tree

Tacks some pins along a board or on the wall in the shape of a tree, and use coloured string to create a cute DIY Christmas tree. Finish off with some glittery stars and hang tiny bells to get your your tree jingling.

 Tapes and Stickers

Tapes and Stickers Christmas Tree

You can draw beautiful Christmas trees on the wall (or on a board for easy clean-up) with colourful washi tapes. Add stickers or streamers for a dash of glitter.

Gold Christmas Trees

Gold Christmas Trees

Amp up the festive spirit with gold Christmas tree decorations. Wrap golden sparklers, streamers, and ribbons to your tree for the bright yellow aura. If your tree is set up outside, consider using dim yellow fairy lights for a magical effect.

Twig Trees

Twig Chrsitmas Trees

If you are wondering how to make a Christmas tree, create your own with twigs. Gather a few of them, arrange in an ascending order of size, and tie with colourful woollen strings. Your handmade Christmas tree is ready.


White Christmas Trees

White Christmas Trees

Although it hardly snows in tropical winters, you can still enjoy the snow-capped show of Christmas trees in India. Spray snow foam on your tree for white Christmas tree decorations. You can also paste cotton swatches with a craft glue.

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