January 9, 2019

The festive celebration of Makar Sankranti takes place all over India. An integral part of the celebration is kite flying. If you are also planning to gather the kids and fly colourful kites, we have some cool ideas in store for some DIY kite designs.


Simple Paper Kite

Simple Paper Kite

If you don’t know how to make a kite from scratch, you can start with a simple, conventional design. You will need one piece of colourful paper, a ruler, a pencil, some string, a stapler, and a punching machine.

Fold the paper in half and along with the folded side, make marks of half inches. Fold the top left corner carefully and repeat on the other side. Ensure the fold is aligned to the mark and staple the corners in place. Punch a hole at the other end and secure the string. Your kite is now ready!


Owl Kite

Owl Kite

Add a fancy twist to the traditional design with owl kites for Sankranti. You will need two pieces of straws, along with the materials mentioned above.

Form a T-shape with the straws, aligning with the corners and secure them with glue. Pierce two tiny holes at the junction of the T and secure the string. Cut out decorative eyes of the owl from coloured papers and paste them.


Butterfly Kite

Butterfly Kite

Gather two straws side by side and secure with a tie. Attach two more straws on each side, imitating the shape of a butterfly’s wings. The frame of your butterfly kite is now ready.

Cut coloured papers as per the measurement of the straws and secure them with gum along the edges. Pierce twice at the sides and attach the string. Add a rounded head at one end of the two-strawed body and voila! Your butterfly is ready to soar.

Put these DIY ideas to use and make your own Sankranti kites. You can get the necessary tools and materials online here.

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