February 12, 2019

It’s amazing how fashion outfits can transform your look. Whether it’s looking slim, tall, or curvy, the right set of clothing and accessories can do wonders! A few simple tweaks and smart improvisations can get the desired look.

If you are looking for ideas on how to dress to look taller, here are some fashion hacks that can get you going. From choosing how you carry your clothes, to shopping smartly, these ideas are easy to execute and can make you look taller every day.

Did you know that you can simply tuck in your blouse, wear bell-bottoms or high-waisted pants, flowy dresses, or pointed pumps to elongate your frame? Read more to learn a few tips and tricks on how to dress to look slim and tall.

TUCK IN BLOUSES_how to dress to look taller



Looking tall is about creating an illusion. The trick is to highlight your waistline and your legs. Notice how ill-fitted outfits make you look shorter.

Tuck your blouse in your pants or jeans to lengthen your torso. A fitted blouse will look good with a pair of high-waisted pants or jeans. You can also accentuate your waistline with a thin belt.

HIGH-WAIST BOTTOMS_how to dress to look taller



High waists are in trend, and we love it. High-waisted bottoms are an effortless hack to look taller as they create an illusion of elongated legs.

You can opt for palazzo pants, formal pants, high-waisted jeans, or even high-waisted midi skirts. Team your high-waisted bottom with a fitted blouse or a crop top and add some junk jewellery and a pair of heels to complete the look.

MONOCHROMATIC LOOK_how to dress to look taller



Monochromatic outfits (wearing same or similar shades) create a cohesive look that make your legs look taller. You can go for red-on-red or even the classic black-on-white.

Go for a jumpsuit along with a pair of beaded sandals and junk jewellery. Make sure the jumpsuit you select does not have a drooping waistline, for it can make you look shorter and even heavy on the waist.

FLOWY MAXI DRESSES_how to dress to look taller



Maxi dress is every woman’s cup of tea. A right-fitted dress can be your mantra on how to dress to look slim and tall. Heavy patterns and bright shades give the outfit a busy and bulky look.

While shopping, ensure you choose a dress with light prints and sombre colours. You can team your maxi dress with a pair of dangler earrings and box heels.

POINTED PUMPS & FLATS_how to dress to look taller



Wearing a pair of pointed pumps can also make you look taller. It is an effortless way to create a slim silhouette look. Choose nude colour pointed pumps. These create an illusion of longer legs. Pair your nude pumps with a balloon dress and finish the look with long earrings.

Look closely, and you will find many celebrities using these ideas to look taller. In addition, you can also opt for the classic striped prints, floral prints, or chequered patterns whenever you want to dress to look taller. Maintaining an upright posture can also add to these efforts.

So now that you know how to dress to look taller, go on and shop online. Browse through some amazing apparel and accessories for the perfect and confident look!

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