Dressing Up Your Kids For An Event
August 2, 2019

Dressing children up can be quite a task- they can be very picky about what they want, and their choices hardly seem to follow any rule of dressing! This is their age to live just the way they feel like, without worrying about social norms. Dressing your kids for an event can be fun and exciting for the parent as well as the kids. It is also a wonderful way to relive your own childhood. With growing awareness about fashion amongst children, they have become aware of what they want to wear and how they want to style themselves. It is important to choose the style and outfits keeping the type of occasion in mind. Here are a few tips to help dress your kids for an event.

For A Family Gathering 


When it comes to a family gathering, all kids just want to reconnect with their cousins and run and play with them. While parents might want them to look their best, comfort is the most important factor. Avoid formal dressing here. For boys, you can opt for dungarees and girls can opt for comfortable and bright coloured dress paired with comfortable flats. If it’s a family wedding, boys can dress up in sherwanis and girls can dress up in ghagra-cholis for an ethnic look.

For A Get-Together With Friends


Children are very excited about their get together with friends, and it is the perfect chance for them to strengthen the bonds of friendship. Before you dress up your kids, you need to know about the kind of activities that they will be engaging in. If there are a lot of outdoor activities like playing in the park, both boys and girls can opt for jeans and a t-shirt. However, if the get-together is indoors, kids can dress more casually with shorts and a vest. Also, remember to keep the weather in mind when you pick clothes for the day. 

For A Birthday Party


If your kids are attending the birthday party of a friend or a cousin, make them look trendy and stylish in a shirt, trousers and bowtie for boys and a pretty dress with comfortable bellies for girls. Birthday parties are a blend of fun and food, so you also need to remember that the children should be comfortable in what they are wearing. Since they might spill food on themselves, avoid dressing them up in light colours! 

For An Office Party


An office party is an opportunity to see your child dressed up in formal clothes. However, it is important to remember that while they do need to look good, they also need to feel good in what they’re wearing. Girls can wear a skirt and a stylish top, and boys can opt for formal trousers and a well-fitted shirt. In terms of footwear, ensure that your kids are wearing formal shoes for the party. Boys can wear black or brown loafers, and girls can opt for closed-toe sandals. 

Make sure your kids catch everyone’s eye at the event with the right attire for the right occasion. To shop for the best kids’ attire, Shop at Shoppers Stop online or at their retail store.

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