March 30, 2021

Wearing just one signature scent is outdated. The rage in fragrance right now is to have a truly unique scent, that fits your personality perfectly. Putting simply, Fragrance layering or Fragrance cocktailing is layering two or more scents to create a blend, that’s unique to you. Any scented product that you use in your beauty routine is fair game in layering, even your shower gel or a soap. If you’re a complete novice in the art of fragrance layering and don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. We’re sharing a full proof routine for you to smell all delicious while doing the bare minimum. Keep reading!

Set the Base

A scented bathing product will leave you a lingering fragrance whilst deeply cleansing your body. We recommend something like Arcelia power pop bathing soap which has a soft fruity aroma, creates a gorgeous base layer for building up. You may also try Arcelia Hydrating hug shower gel if you want an opulent floral scent to start with.

Cleanse with Incense


We love the combination of Floral notes such as lilies with a more intense musky, woody scent.Finish off your bathing routine with a twist of oriental musk. This Arcelia Musky Mystery Face Wash will act as a double edged sword, helping you unclog your pores while leaving a perfect layered, smoky fragrance.

 Sweet Hydration


As far as fragrances go, moisturizing products help intensify them. Arcelia lines of moisturizers and body butters lend themselves perfect for layering. After you shower, slather on a nourishing body butter, we’re obsessed with Hydrating Hug body butter from Arcelia as its calming scents will help intensify the floral notes in your fragrance blend. Show some love to your nails by adding this delicious smelling Arcelia power pop hand and nail cream to your skincare vanity.

Lock in the Scent

For the final pairing, you may use something more intense and sophisticated. If you prefer masculine scents, this Musky Mystery Body Mist from Arcelia, with its ultra luxe formula would work great for both men and women.  If you wish to introduce the fruity notes in your scent, you may try Arcelia Power Pop Body Mist instead.

  You are on your way to master the art of layering fragrances. Keep in mind, much of it is down to personal taste. So play around and have fun experimenting with Arcelia Bath Care range as there are no rights and wrongs here! 

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