June 5, 2018

Taking your little one on a fun escapade may sound like the best thing ever. Running around, playing together, and capturing some precious memories will be on the charts. But, that’s only the easy part.
What’s the hard part though? It’s making sure you have all the essentials to make the trip convenient for you and comfortable for your little one.
So, if you have your tickets booked or an itinerary planned, we have a checklist to complement it. Fill your bag with these baby essentials that you’ll definitely want to keep handy!

Travel-Organizers_Baby's Day Out

Organise On-The-Go– Here’s one bag that holds everything your baby needs for a smooth journey- The travel organizer. It comes with multiple compartments that can be used to hold everything from diapers to lotions. Just reach for this bag when you need to feed or clean up after them. If you make frequent trips with your little one by car, you could also consider buying a car travel organiser for more convenience.

Blankets_Baby's Day Out

Snug, Round-The-Clock– Babies love their blankets! Always keep an extra pair with you just in case your little one plans to settle in for an afternoon siesta. Prevent those tearful outbreaks that arise from discomfort by opting for a snug quilt crafted from soft, organic cotton so your baby can cozily snuggle and enjoy his precious slumber, anytime, anywhere!

Favorite-Toy_Baby's Day Out

Toys – Your Baby’s Second Love– The next most comforting thing after his mommy dearest is having his favourite toy around. Make it a point to slip in your little one’s cute stuffed toy and you’ll have one happy baby! If your child is particularly fond of a specific toy, we suggest you buy two of the kind, just in case the first one gets dirty while travelling. After all, your baby’s hygiene is important too!

Extra-Clothes_Baby's Day Out

Clothes To The Rescue– This is hands down the most important when it comes to travelling with babies. Not one, but multiple pairs of clothes must be included in your baby tote. Whether it’s while feeding your baby or during a gala time in the sand pit, your little one’s clothes are bound to get soiled! So, prepping beforehand will ensure your baby stays fresh on his new outdoor adventures.

Bibs_Baby's Day Out

A Bib In Time– Children are messy eaters and tend to spill more often than not. To prevent having to change their clothes after every meal, make them wear a bib. It comes in handy particularly when you’re travelling. You could even opt for disposable bibs and resign from the duty of washing and cleaning while on-the-go.

Now that you have a fair idea of your baby’s travel needs, it’s time to check them off the list. Get started by filling up your shopping cart with the essentials before you’re off to spend some quality time with your little one!

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