August 8, 2020

We get it, you hate bras. They’re tight and itchy and painful and…maybe you really hate the wrong bra. What if we told you about the right women’s lingerie? Have you ever worn the right bra? As women, we pay much attention to how we dress with the right clothes, the right shoes, the right accessories and of course the one thing we forget is shopping for the right women’s lingerie. The multiple kinds of right bras, in fact! Just like you have flip flops to wear at home and heels for parties, you need to buy different bras for different occasions.

Here’s a guide to every essential bra for your wardrobe:

The Best Friend Bra

Think about your best friend–supportive, kind, forgiving and someone you can always count on. That’s what comes to our mind when we think of our at-home brast-shirt bras we can wear everyday without feeling uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be an ugly, boring bra, which is why we love this Triumph bra that’s non-padded and non-wired in lace that’s super comfortable and extra lightweight. We also love t-shirt bras in fun floral prints simply because of how convenient they are under not just t-shirts, but kurtas as well!

The 9 to 5 Support Buddy

This Enamor bra is that go-get-it bra that makes you feel secure and in control, while still being comfortable to wear all day long. A high-coverage wirefree bra is ideal for workwear, and even better if it’s in dainty lace, just to keep you feeling confident the entire day. A padded demi cup bra is great for a flawless, smooth finish for fitted clothes while a push up bra gives you a fuller shape . If however, you like the security net of an underwired padded bra, then also, we got you covered 

Work Out In

Sports bras

The best sports bra, of course! Working out in your everyday regular bra is a huge no-no and you need to know how to choose the right sports bra. The right sports bra for runners, yoga freaks or anyone who loves being active is one with high support. A non-wired non-padded sports bra is sure to give you the most amount of comfort. A teal color blocked padded bra  is something you can rock even without a sports top and do check out sports bras in neutrals for matching with all your leggings, and in pastels for a colourful pop!

Two’s Companypanty bra set

Lingerie sets are our favourite and we love to hoard them like anything. Simply because of how convenient they are and how put together they make you feel! This dainty pink lace set is for the days you’re prepping for a night with your partner or maybe you just want to feel like your baddest, most confident self. Go for a black set  for everyday, a lime green Bra  set for a unique addition to your wardrobe or a navy blue set as a neutral workwear option.

Shape of You

Put your best shape forward with shapewear that accentuates and brings out your best features. A waist cincher is what you need under all those bodycon dresses you’ve pushed to the back of your closet. Similarly, a high waist slimmer   for a smoothening effect when you’re wearing tight leggings and a full coverage shaper bra  to smooth those awkward cleavage spills.

Choosing the right women’s lingerie is all about the right size, and the fit for the occasion. Make sure you stock up on basics that keep you feeling comfortable and looking great in every outfit, boxy or body-hugging. Head to our online store to select from a fabulous and extensive range of options to find your ideal match. 

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