Everything You Need To Know About Mascaras
November 30, 2018

If there’s one product that makes it to a woman’s makeup kit by default is a mascara. The mascara, powered by its magic wand can make you look more alive and edgy with a mere few strokes.

Although mascaras are an everyday makeup staple for most women, its application can get a little tricky. Stay with us as we teach you how to apply mascara and give you an insight into the magical world of mascaras. Here are a few mascara tips and tricks that will come of use. 

Types Of Mascaras

Types of mascaras:_All about mascaras

source: isabelsbeautyblog.com

  • Volumizing: The volumizing mascara is a blessing for women with sparse or fine lashes. The wand of the volumizing mascara is wider, which in turn can make your lashes appear fuller! Simply choose a best mascara for volume and wag at the bottom and swipe gently in an upward direction to achieve best results.
  • Curling: If you plan on skipping the eyelash curler, but don’t want to give up on curly lashes just yet, say hello to the curling mascara, that is accompanied by a curved wand. All you have to do is normally apply the mascara first with the curved side up. Then, flip the wand, which gives an appearance of hugging your lashes. Do this for both the top and bottom layers.
  • Lengthening: Long eyelashes are always desired by women. If you have short lashes, opt for the lengthening mascara, that comes with a long and thin applicator. It will make your lashes visibly longer.
  • Depth: If a natural look is what you’re after, choose a mascara that will give your lashes more depth. Unlike any other mascara, this one does not give your lashes a dramatic effect, slightly giving your eyes more definition. This makes it perfect everyday use.
  • Waterproof: As the name suggests, waterproof mascara is immune to water. So, you can forget about black tears running down your cheeks. Its solution is heavier, compared to the other mascaras. Thus, one should apply it only when needed.
  • All In One: This one qualifies for the all-rounder in the mascara category. From lengthening to volumizing to the definition, it does it all, while staying immune from the water. These can be slightly heavier on your eyelashes, making them ideal for evening wear.

Now that you have a fair knowledge of the types of mascaras and have chosen the one best suited for you, it’s time to move ahead. Did you know that the favourite 80’s makeup product is having its moment. Learn a few mascara tips and tricks and how to settle for the best one that will enhance your peepers, depending on your eye colour.

Types Of Coloured Mascaras

Types Of Coloured Mascaras:_All about mascaras

source: herworld.com

  • Green: Green coloured mascaras go exceptionally well with brown eyes. This natural combination will enhance the look of your eyes, without looking too flashy!
  • Shades Of Blue and Purple: To make your green eyes the centre of attraction, reach for a blue or purple mascara as these contrasting colours are far away on the colour spectrum.
  • Turquoise: All shades of mascara go well with brown eyes. Although, a turquoise mascara will truly make your eyes pop, although being very similar to your eye colour!
  • Pink and Red: Blue eyes will seriously benefit by using a pink mascara, creating a feminine look.

Do try these coloured mascaras for a different look.

Let’s look at a list of do’s and dont’s that will teach us how to apply mascara and accentuate our eyes by using mascaras.

Mascara Do’s And Don’ts

Mascara Do's And Don'ts_All about mascaras

source: youtube.com

  • Do: Apply a second coat only after the first one has dried.
  • Don’t: Slightly wiggle the wand at the bottom of your lashes like a toothbrush for volume.


  • Do: Use waterproof mascara only when you really need it. Instead, you can choose a water-resistant one.
  • Don’t: Be careful while removing your waterproof mascara. Gently hold down your cotton pad and swipe multiple times to get the product off completely.


  • Do: Don’t forget to clean your mascara wand regularly to remove clumps and keep eye infections at bay.
  • Don’t: Avoid applying too much pressure while cleaning your wand, or you may end up separating the bristles.


  • Do: To achieve avoid clumps, apply your mascara in a zig-zag manner starting from the bottom, all the way to the top.
  • Don’t: Avoid stressing too much on the zig-zag motion while application as it can lead to clump formation.


  • Do: Keep the mascara application limited to 2-3 coats only. Allow your mascara to dry before starting the next coat.
  • Don’t: Overapplication is a no-no. If you exceed the required number of times, it can end up looking stiff and fake.

These mascara tips and tricks will help you get through office, dates, parties and even weddings very smoothly.

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