October 6, 2016

What should I pack for the trek? How many clothes will I need? What will be too much? Will I be able to carry everything?

Freaking out before a trip? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Imagine if it is that difficult to pack for a vacation then packing for a trek is a nightmare in disguise! Trekking adventures, fun as they, are always bring in the unexpected. Sudden drop in temperatures, unexpected rains, the wrong kind of luggage or the wrong choice of clothes can be real party poopers.

We are giving you a low down on what to pack for a weekend in the hills.



Your most important asset on this trip would be your backpack. While choosing your backpack, make sure you check out its weight, material and capacity. While a 2 day trek will not necessitate the need for a huge back pack a decently sized one will do the trick. Wildcraft is known for its exceptional trekking supplies and this backpack is perfect for you! It features a waist strap for added support.

Travel Pillow

travel pillow 1

A travel pillow is literally god sent. While trekking you don’t know where and on what you will be resting your head for the night. This travel pillow works in those times when all you need is a comfortable head rest. Whether you are travelling or want to call it a night somewhere in the forest, this travel pillow will be your friend.



You do not need to pack ten thousand things for a 2 day trip. A couple of t-shirts will do the trick. Take your most comfortable and well-fitted tees. You can always repeat t-shirts if needed. The important thing to remember is to avoid packing too much.



Take some comfortable cargos and shorts while travelling. Denims, comfortable as they are will not give you enough room to move around as cargos. Materials that dry off easily are advisable as they will endure the rains, winds and the cold.



A sturdy padded jacket or a wind cheater is a must when travelling. Take your thickest sweatshirt or a sweater for the journey. While choosing jackets, opt for the ones with synthetic or water resistant materials.



It is extremely essential to wear the right kind of shoes on a trek as you will be spending most of your time on your feet. Buy hiker boots that are not only comfortable but will also endure the rough conditions.

Along with the above you will need generous supply of water, protein bars, glucose and other knickknacks like torches, extra pair of socks etc. Make sure you take a bottle of sunscreen and a  pouch of basic medication.

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